Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Self-Flogging of an Author

So I Google my latest title, THE BACHELOR PREFERRED PASTRY, because I am in a masochistic mood and I get the big time payback for such a stupid move :-) Mrs. Giggles has reviewed my book and DESPISED it. Not just "oh, this wasn't good" but a NEVER EVER READ THIS BOOK review where she gave me a 9 out of a possible 100. (She has liked my previous books but for some reason, this one hit a nerve).

Yes, the single digit nine. I was honored, after all, to be one of the few books that she deems so horrific that they don't even merit a second digit. I even found a blog where people were talking about my 9. Gee, way to get famous on the Internet :-)

I would have quit writing right then and there but then A.) What on earth would Mrs. Giggles read and hate so vehemently if I did and B.) She was making a good size dent in her tree with my book (from throwing it at said tree so many times) and if I don't provide more ammunition, that dent won't ever be completed.

I did come across some really cool posts. Loads of people at Bookcrossing who have been releasing my books into the wild (the last time I checked there, I only had two books floating out there and no comments. This time I had two PAGES of books listed and loads of great comments). Some bloggers on Susan Elizabeth Phillips's reading blog who posted about it with very nice reviews. Same at the bulleting boards for Romantic Times Book Club.

And then one woman who made it all better on The Romance Reader site where my book was named one of the best beach reads for this summer and who said no summer is complete without one of my books. Gotta love her.

Just goes to show you can't make everyone happy and if you do really make someone unhappy, they'll talk dirt about you and your work in a public forum. Ah well, back to work so I can do this all over again with the next book!



  1. Oh my. Ack. Ok, so I don't know Mrs. Giggles... but I'm suffering from pregnancy-induced crankiness... but how many books has Mrs. Giggles written and sold?


    I don't know how you do it...

  2. Too late! I already read it and loved it!

  3. Wow, Shirley, I can't believe she dissed your book like that. It's one of my favourites!

    But as they say, 'There's no such thing as bad publicity!' At least you're getting talked about.

    It is strange though that Miss Niggles, sorry Giggles, tee hee, liked your other books.

    Perhaps it's bringing up something from her past that she's not dealt with. An over indulgence in sweet pastries, perhaps?

    Personally, I loved the book!

  4. Aw, thanks, all! You made my day. I feel much better!

    Mrs. Giggles is just a reader. A picky reader :-) who may indeed have an aversion to pastries or simply to me :-)

    And yes, Lynette, I agree it's strange. I thought Bachelor was as good if not better than the others, so who knows why she hated it.

    Either way, she'll be stuck suffering through my books for many years to come ;-)


  5. Melanie3:57 PM

    Aaaw! You can't make everyone happy all the someone who knew you back before we needed training bras, I think you've done great! Doesn't that mean more that a bad review from someone who doesn't know you? I loved the book(s), happy reads!

  6. Reviews are like reading your horoscope. You only believe them when they're good! And Amazon is where authors go to drive themselves crazy.

    Tess Gerritsen blogged this week about trying to please all the readers all the time. Not, apparently, possible. So that's all right.

  7. A little late to the party, but that woman was me. I actually was getting ready to post a lengthy defense of "bachelor" and then saw the TRR mention and got the giggles. I'm strange that way.

    Seriously, though, it was a wonderful book and definitely a pleasant way to while away a warm summer evening. I'm glad the mention gave you pick-me-up, because your books always do that for me. Thanks for writing such cute, funny stuff! (Okay, enough with the squeeing fan-girl, I'll stop now)

  8. Liz!

    Thanks for stopping by (and huge congrats on the Rita! Well deserved! I just read one of your books the other day -- my editor sent it to me because she thought it was great, too :-).

    Tess's blog is always great. I'll have to go and check that entry out.

    I do like your theory about reviews :-). I think that'll be my new mantra!


  9. Aw, thanks, Am Waters!! I really did love coming across that entry. It made my day (and of course, I'll follow Liz's advice and only believe the good things :-).

    Glad you enjoy my books and THANKS! for reading!



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