Thursday, July 06, 2006

Traveling and Writing

We've been taking lots of little trips this summer, which has, unfortunately, wreaked havoc with my blogging/promo/e-mail. When I am home, my priority is always the book in hand, so other things drop away.

The trips are a blast, though, and give me loads of ideas for books. I absolutely love to travel, though five days away is about my max. Anything more than that and I am whining for my own bed and pillow :-)

This past weekend, we went to Shipshewana, IN, which is a teeny Amish community of about 565 that has a HUGE flea market and loads of specialty shops. We didn't buy much--okay, we bought a TON of meat and cheese at Yoder's--but vowed to come back when we replace a lot of the ugly new-marriage furniture. You know the kind -- the stuff you inherit from relatives or the stuff you buy cheap because you just got married and have no money. Well, we've now been married 16 years, so it's time to replace the file cabinet holding the TV with a real entertainment center :-)

Anyhow, that means my posting will be sporadic, especially until I get through the RWA conference in Atlanta (if you live there, come by and say hi at the Literacy Signing on Wed., July 26th at the Atlanta Marriott!).

Enjoy the sun!


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  1. I always wanted to go to Shipshewana when we lived in Indiana but never did.

    Indiana has a lot more craft fairs and gorgeous handmade furniture than the South does.

    Good luck at RWA!


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