Monday, October 02, 2006

Don't Speak Too Fast

I shouldn't have said anything about having no migraines for five days because Whoosh! soon as I said that, the Migraine Fairy came down and slapped me with a four-day one. I asked her to please take my migraine away and give it to a serial killer or a bank robber or the man who invented pantyhose but she didn't listen.

So, I didn't go running for four days. I did walk with my neighbor for two of the four days (it helps when you know someone is waiting for you) but then came back home and crawled back into bed to rejoin my personal pity party. This morning, I was feeling well enough to go walking and then take an easy jog (meaning no hills and staying in a circle near home, should the Migraine Fairy come back). And I did a half hour with no stopping :-) Feeling very proud of myself. My new Asic Gels should be here today which means tomorrow I should be fleet-footed and should add, oh, a tenth of a mile to my distance ;-) Here's a pic of them:
They're even in my signature teal color (okay, yes, that did partly influence my decision, but it was more about the Tigger bouncy-ness of that bottom thing-y).

DH is back from a business trip which means I have to go back to cooking again (no more telling the kids to go make themselves a bowl of cereal for dinner ;-). I'll try to think of something cool to post tomorrow. Will have to see what the freezer holds and try to concoct something neat.

Or try to talk DH into taking us all out to eat ;-)


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  1. I hope you're feeling better soon and that you get to go out to eat!


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