Saturday, November 11, 2006

The "Beary" Cool Perks of This Job

My friends and I went out to lunch yesterday to celebrate my good friend Janet's sale of her first book to Love Inspired Historicals, my other good friend Elizabeth Guest's impending release of her really cool paranormal, Night Life, and my little visit to the bestseller list. One of us mentioned to the waiter the reason for our lingering and laughter-filled lunch, and he was so impressed (or maybe so anxious to get us out of his table ;-) that he gave us a free mud pie for dessert.

Very nice perk, if I say so myself! We tipped generously and thanked him profusely. It was a very nice thing to do and we will be back to that restaurant for our Christmas get-together, for sure.

Last night, I had a book signing with a great friend of mine, Mary Lou Rigdon, who writes fabulous faith-based fantasies. She had a rose plant waiting for me with a nice little Congratulations card attached. She apparently hadn't heard about my black thumb (thankfully I have a little boy who is far more aware of my plants and their need for water, which is the only reason we have three thriving green things in my house :-). It's now proudly displayed on my desk, with three tiny blooming and lightly scented pink roses. I absolutely love it!

The piece de resistance, though, has to be this DIVINE and ADORABLE! Vermont Teddy Bear that my dad's girlfriend sent to me. It's a Good Wishes Bear and she is so totally cute, I can't even capture it in this picture. She even came with a bear shaped chocolate bar! It was so sweet, and so cute, and I am definitely keeping her on my desk (the bear, not the girlfriend, who is on the East Coast :-).

But this bear needs a name, for sure. So, I thought it'd be fun to have a mini-contest among my loyal blog readers. Submit a name and be entered into a drawing for a Shirley Jump travel mug. I'll post the names here and choose a winner. Totally subjective, you know, because it is my bear and I have to live with the name, as does the bear, for a very long time :-).

If you don't like posting to Blogger, that's okay, you can e-mail me, too, and I'll post those entries, too. There's the mug in the photo (that's the view from my keyboard in case you're curious...cordless phone not included; wet stone that says Live, Love, Laugh, not included; scissors, not included; they're in my big huge pen holder from Levenger, which is also not included, legalese, yada-yada :-).) By next Saturday I'll pick a winner, then ship off the mug in time for hot chocolate this winter :-)



  1. Spicy Sugar Pie, in honor of the dessert AND the Latest Bestseller book's title!


  2. Too cute! I like that one :-)


  3. Carissima...according to a chocolate names site it describes a creamy caramel heart smothered in milk chocolate...yummmmmmyyyy!

  4. Now that sounds really delish!!!


  5. She looks like a Priscilla to me

  6. Anonymous11:48 AM

    I would say "Penny" in keeping with the "writing" theme.

  7. Love these ideas coming in! And here are a few that came in my e-mail:

    >>SpiceGirl for obvious reasons lol

    Dee or Deidre in honor of Jake giving those deeds away because that is what started my water works when reading!!

    Bantys ok this one is a stretch but if you take the first letter from each of these (New York Times Best Selling Author) words and rearrange them you can get Bantys and Bantys is a chicken, the word chic comes from chicken and the bear IS a girl (or a cross dresser??) OKAY I did SAY it was a stretch LMAO!!<<

    >>The bear stands for support, love and affection with a sweet twist...How about Haniel...the archangel of women, cycles and support...<<

    You guys are TOTALLY creative! I love these ideas! You're making my choice very hard!


  8. My suggestion is Candi.

  9. I don't know why . . . but she looks like a Suzette to me. :)

  10. Anonymous11:18 AM

    The Good Luck Jump Bear

  11. MG in PA6:11 PM

    You described the bear as "sweet" and "cute". On that basis, I suggest the names of SPLENDA (get it .. the sweetener) or HONEY (since "honey" can be sweet or cute, depending on context).

    You also described the bear as "divine" and "adorable". On that basis, I suggest the name of YAZATA. In ancient Persia, a "yazata" was a divine being that was known as "the adorable one".

    Or another possible name is BEARLY. That way, you would have "Shirley" and "Bearly"; which is a pun of "surely" and "barely".

    Or if you want a really want an iconoclastic name, pick UNCOPYRIGHTABLE. It sort of goes with the publishing field, and happens to be the longest word in the English language that is comprised of different letters that are each used only once.

  12. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Loved the story in Sugar and Spice! And I did get teary eyed at the end. My family is will soon have our 5Th Annual Cookie Exchange and I'm going to make the white chocolate raspberry thumbprint at the end of your story (13 dozen! I better get started). They sound mighty tasty.

    As for naming the bear, how about Sugar?


  13. Anonymous9:43 AM

    finally saw your bear-naming contest and immediately thought of four. (I know - I should try for six, but I'm at work and need to get this sent!) Can I submit four? Anyway, here they are:

    White Chocolate
    Snow Kiss
    Let me know, when I win! ;>D


  14. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Sweet n' Spicy

  15. Cuddles

  16. Omg she's too adorable! I love naming my teddy bears. The first name I thought of for her was Brianna. It's such a pretty name.

  17. Anonymous12:21 AM

    I think Bella but my 4 1/2 year old says Dora Princess is a better name for your bear...=)

  18. Cinnamon

  19. Cookie
    Sassy(SAS=Sugar and Spice)

  20. well, my best friend has a baby daughter that is an absolute angel like this bear, and her name is Isabelle.. looks like you have had lots of good choices for a new name for one very pretty bear..


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