Friday, November 10, 2006

Cookies Make Life Sweeter

I love cookies. Cookies of any kind, really. Homemade, storebought, store name it, I'm a cookie fiend. I tweak cookie recipes (the white chocolate raspberry thumbprint recipe that's in Sugar and Spice is a tweak of another one I came across a couple years ago) and play with recipes every year.

One of my all-time favorites is a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I lost. Good Housekeeping ran a really good chocolate chip cookie recipe that was kind of a dump in a food processor one that made the best cookies. I made it several years in a row...then lost the recipe. I have searched high and low, called the magazine, Googled, went through many copies of the magazine at libraries, never found it again. Sigh. I've improvised and tweaked my Betty Crocker one but it's never quite been exactly the same.

So what's your favorite cookie recipe? Are you a peanut butter fan? A thumbprint eater? A chocolate-chocolate devourer? Or something else? My recipes are downstairs and I am feeling lazy (been up since 3 a.m. because the dog needed to go out. I love my dogs, but there are days when I'd trade them for a bowl of goldfish) but I think I'll do several recipes between here and Christmas, along with my all-time favorite Crock-pot one in the blog, to get us all going for the holiday :-)



  1. i love the break apart and bake ones.. called Ultimates, by Nestle i think. the ones with peanut butter cups, chocolate chunks & chocolate chips. to die for!
    if it has chocolate, peanut butter, carmel or any variation of those.. i'll probably love it.. as long as they're moist & soft.
    i hate hard, crumbly (is that a word?) cookies.

  2. Favorite cookie?! I can't pick just one--it would be unfair to the other cookies.

    What a bummer about the lost recipe. Hopefully someone who reads your blog will have a copy to send you.

    Have fun baking!

  3. Don't you just hate losing a good recipe!!!! I had a recipe that used Duncan Hines Cranberry Orange Muffin mix..I lost it then found it on the Duncan Hines recipe exchange but now I can't get the mix anywhere! Arrgh! They were so yummy and easy. My current fav is good ole sugar...warm and chewy.

  4. Oh, that recipe sounds good, too, Andie! Too bad about the mix not being made anymore :-(

    Did you try Googling a basic dry recipe for that mix? You might be able to come up with that. Or maybe Krusteaz or someone else has one you could substitute. Bummer all around.



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