Friday, November 17, 2006

A Frosty Treat: Frozen Bananas and More Bear Names

Today's recipe is a frosty treat that uses up those leftover bananas (my kids beg me to buy them, then leave them to rot, so we make these instead, or use them in smoothies. It's hidden nutrition :-).

This recipe was in The Bride Wore Chocolate. That's the first book in my food series, which is, sad to say, out of print, but you can find it on Amazon, etc.

Maria’s Something’s Up Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas
2 ripe bananas
4 popsicle sticks
¼ cup peanuts, chopped
1/3 cup hot fudge sauce, at room temperature
These work as terrific bribes for people who are covering up a little rendezvous in the kitchen, and for those of us who haven’t had a date in a while and need something satisfying. Start by putting waxed paper on a baking sheet. Then peel the bananas, cut them in half and then put a stick in the cut ends. Place on the baking sheet and freeze those babies until they’re firm as a cover model.
Then take the frozen bananas, dip them into the fudge sauce, spreading it all over with a spatula. Here comes the fun part -- roll them in the peanuts. When you’re done, freeze them again until the fudge sauce is as firm as your fruit. Now you’re ready for a little temptation…or fudgesicles that’ll get the neighbors talking.

And check under the bear post for a couple more name suggestions! Tomorrow I'll pick a winner (maybe late tomorrow or Sunday morning, because I have a book signing tomorrow!).



  1. I gotta try this one. The fruit cancels out the chocolate right, so it's all healthy?


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