Monday, December 11, 2006

And I Thought Christmas Lights Were Fun...

I moaned and groaned my way through installing my Christmas lights this year but that was NOTHING compared to fixing my Internet connection this past week.
I thought it was the router. Got a new Wireless-G router, which I had an all-wise IT guy from DH's company install because once we went to a FIOS connection, the whole network thing was beyond me. New router makes for super speedy wireless connection in the house, but the next day...
No internet.
I ran a network test. Computer tells me it's the ethernet card that has up and died.
Well, I'm leaving the next day (this was on Friday) for Chicago to go see "Wicked" (more on that in a future blog -- VERY COOL!!!!!!! See it if you can) so no time to fiddle with it. I finally bought the ethernet card today. Supposedly plug and play.

YEAH, right. That's only IF you have plugged and played before. Took me an hour and a half to figure out how plug and play works because I have never plugged and played anything INSIDE the computer before. Got it to work, except...
No internet connection.
Called all-wise IT guy who had a doctor appointment (how dare he). My dad is sick, and I'd already bugged him enough about how to plug and play, so I didn't call him back. I couldn't google how to, because I had...
All together now...
No internet connection. And the tech support is in California, so they weren't open yet.
Finally, all-wise IT guy came to work, called me back, we muddled through it together on the phone and realized the new ethernet card (which I plugged and played correctly, yeah me!) does not play nice with Norton's (does ANYTHING on this planet play nice with Norton's?) so now I have to find a new Internet security progam. That's okay; Norton's just ran out anyway, but I hate to spend $$ on that at Christmas. It's not exactly what I want to put on my Christmas list.
I think I'd rather go untangle some Christmas lights ;-)
So, I've been quiet on the web, and if I'm quiet for a while or don't get back to an e-mail, you know it's because I've had no...
I won't say it again ;-)


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  1. Oh Shirley, that's the worst! Glad you are back online, but what a hassle. I swear, these computers are gray-hair inducers sometimes.


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