Monday, December 04, 2006

Updates, etc.

Okay, my fingers REALLY hurt, so this is quick :-)

For those of you visiting my website, you'll notice a new section called "Bonus Features." That means something new is coming. As soon as my little fingers recover from the book I just turned in (my 20th contracted book, for those keeping track :-) and my second book for Next. I don't know when it's coming out yet, but I'll keep you posted!).

I heard from a few people who miss my pictures. That's because for now they were moved under the About Shirley section to make room for the Bonus Features. Give me a few days to recover (and to SHOP!!!!!!!! I am dying to get OUT OF MY OFFICE AND INTO A MALL :-) and I'll add some material under there that will be fun and interesting and something new that will show you "behind the scenes" of my books.

At least I hope it'll be fun and interesting to more than just me ;-)

And Angela -- and anyone wondering when I'm coming to your city to do a signing -- all I need is an invite from your bookseller! I travel quite frequently, so if I can work it out with my regular travel schedule or if your group wants me to come down and speak, just contact me and I'll try to work it into my schedule! I like to try to work my signings into one big hunk so that I can schedule them around my writing time (and family time) but I'm game to go anywhere south ;-)


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  1. Well, I'll have to bug my local bookstore then!


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