Friday, January 05, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust...

I finished another book yesterday, which makes 8 books written in 2006. Okay, yes, I'm kinda cheating there, by counting that one in 2006, but honestly, I was putting the finishing touches on it in those first couple days in 2007, and did the bulk of the writing in '07, so it's counting in 2006, by gum ;-)

My first book of 2007 is due on January 20th. I wrote the first three pages yesterday (took, oh, an hour off to eat in between books :-). Before anyone panics, that book is a novella, another Christmas story for next year. I'll have two Christmas books out next year, which should be pretty cool.

I cried TWICE writing the book I finished yesterday (tentatively called KEEPING CHRISTMAS) which either means it's pretty good or I'm really hormonal :-).

Thanks for all the WW support, gang! And the links from Hope! I'll be checking those out today! We're going out tonight (maybe -- I have a migraine, so I might not be up to it).

[By the way, here's my motivation pic for today. We're going to the beach for Spring Break and that means a I better keep to this!]

Remember how I said that someone was going to forget something on Wednesday at school? Well, no sooner did I write that then the school called and my oldest is "sick" and needs to come home. Personally, I think it was "not ready to go back to school-itis" because she was back on Thursday, all better.

I made the steak, stuck to the recommended WW serving, and it was pretty good. I also made it with a Parmesan Peppercorn sauce, and threw in some sauteed Portabello Mushroom slices, which tasted a lot like the Ruby Tuesday version of that recipe. This is the sauce recipe I used, which I heated up and thickened with a bit of cornstarch (so the points are probably a bit higher).

I also made a red potato with blue cheese potato salad that was okay...nothing to rave about (it needs a bit more oomph). But last night's chili was really good. I altered the recipe a bit. I didn't put in corn and used black beans instead (they're a bit lower in calories and IMO, tastier) and added peppers, too. I found it needed a bit more liquid than the recipe called for (I cooked it on low all day because I was gone at a coffee shop, writing) so I used the liquid from the beans. FYI -- I don't recommend adding the beans until the last half hour of cooking or they get way too mushy and nasty.

I haven't weighed myself yet this morning (still headachy, so I'm off for a couch pity party :-) but I was down an eensy bit yesterday :-) And no Reese's. I was good and just had the itty bitty Quaker Rice Cakes which actually aren't too bad.



  1. Sorry you are headachy...where are you going to the beach?

  2. Tampa or Clearwater -- DH set it up and I just know it's in that area. I just get on the plane when he tells me to :-)



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