Friday, January 05, 2007

Another One Bites the Dust...

I finished another book yesterday, which makes 8 books written in 2006. Okay, yes, I'm kinda cheating there, by counting that one in 2006, but honestly, I was putting the finishing touches on it in those first couple days in 2007, and did the bulk of the writing in '07, so it's counting in 2006, by gum ;-)

My first book of 2007 is due on January 20th. I wrote the first three pages yesterday (took, oh, an hour off to eat in between books :-). Before anyone panics, that book is a novella, another Christmas story for next year. I'll have two Christmas books out next year, which should be pretty cool.

I cried TWICE writing the book I finished yesterday (tentatively called KEEPING CHRISTMAS) which either means it's pretty good or I'm really hormonal :-).

Thanks for all the WW support, gang! And the links from Hope! I'll be checking those out today! We're going out tonight (maybe -- I have a migraine, so I might not be up to it).

[By the way, here's my motivation pic for today. We're going to the beach for Spring Break and that means a I better keep to this!]

Remember how I said that someone was going to forget something on Wednesday at school? Well, no sooner did I write that then the school called and my oldest is "sick" and needs to come home. Personally, I think it was "not ready to go back to school-itis" because she was back on Thursday, all better.

I made the steak, stuck to the recommended WW serving, and it was pretty good. I also made it with a Parmesan Peppercorn sauce, and threw in some sauteed Portabello Mushroom slices, which tasted a lot like the Ruby Tuesday version of that recipe. This is the sauce recipe I used, which I heated up and thickened with a bit of cornstarch (so the points are probably a bit higher).

I also made a red potato with blue cheese potato salad that was okay...nothing to rave about (it needs a bit more oomph). But last night's chili was really good. I altered the recipe a bit. I didn't put in corn and used black beans instead (they're a bit lower in calories and IMO, tastier) and added peppers, too. I found it needed a bit more liquid than the recipe called for (I cooked it on low all day because I was gone at a coffee shop, writing) so I used the liquid from the beans. FYI -- I don't recommend adding the beans until the last half hour of cooking or they get way too mushy and nasty.

I haven't weighed myself yet this morning (still headachy, so I'm off for a couch pity party :-) but I was down an eensy bit yesterday :-) And no Reese's. I was good and just had the itty bitty Quaker Rice Cakes which actually aren't too bad.



  1. Anonymous1:47 PM

    Sorry you are headachy...where are you going to the beach?

  2. Tampa or Clearwater -- DH set it up and I just know it's in that area. I just get on the plane when he tells me to :-)



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