Friday, January 05, 2007

What I'm Reading Now

I promised a post about what I'm reading now [note: it's a two-post blog day, so scroll down for more!]. It's a little eclectic, and there's not much romance in there, because I don't read my genre when I'm writing my genre. Which means I don't get a lot of opportunity to read romance, which is always a bummer :-(

I just read two Jodi Picoult books and loved them both. My Sister's Keeper was more controversial than The Tenth Circle, and though I've met a lot of people who preferred MSK to TTC, I personally liked TTC more. I'm a happy ending kind of person, and I also didn't like the characters in MSK as much as I did the ones in TTC. I think it was the controversy, or maybe it was just the book I was writing at the mood when I'm writing tends to affect my reading, too, and I was writing a Christmas book, so I was in a merry, merry mood :-) MSK probably wasn't the best choice ;-)

Before those two, I read the new Stephen King, Lisey's Story. I enjoyed that a lot, though not as much as Cell. I think I just like a lot of characters and action. :-)

I just picked up Sean Chercover's Big City, Bad Blood. It starts out really snappy and fast. Looks like it'll be a good one. He's coming to Don's Books in Kokomo, IN on February 16th, so if you like Robert Parker type crime books, check this one out.

And finally I'm reading Jean Chatzy's Make Money, Not Excuses. I listen to her a lot on XM Radio and she seems a lot like me -- a woman who hated dealing with anything number related, then finally decided she had to bite the bullet and do it. Here book is really reader friendly, easy to understand and so far, pretty good, and a lot like listening to her. I'm actually enjoying a money book (though don't tell DH or he'll be sitting me down with Freakonomics and the entire Rich Dad series before I know it ;-).

I picked up a couple new MIRA titles, too, but haven't had time to read more than a few pages, so I'll let you know when I get into them enough to tell you what I think. I just finished Susan Elizabeth Phillip's First Lady and really enjoyed that one, too. It was really fun. But then again, SEP rarely disappoints me anyway :-)

Inquiring minds want to know -- what are you reading? Any winners in the pile?



  1. I'm reading:

    Battlestar Galactica: Saggitarius is Bleeding - I'm not crazy about the show, but the publisher sent me free books to review on my site. So, who am I to complain? Plus, I love the author, Peter David.

    Jewel of Atlantis, by Gena Showalter - Alot of fun, so far!

  2. I just started The Oxford Murders by Guillermo Martinez and I am liking it.

    I love Jodi and have met her twice so far and will be meeting her a third time in March. MSK was the first one I have ever read and I loved TTC. :) I can't wait to see what 19 minutes is like. :) Way too many authors and so little time. lol

  3. I completely understand your not reading romance while writing romance! I do the same.

    But luckily when all I am writing is children's books, I am able to sneak in some new books in between ideas to help give me new ideas. I don't use the same idea, obviously, but it helps me spin off a gzillion others.

  4. Angela,

    Gena is an AWESOME writer - I hope you enjoy her book! I've only seen the BG movie and don't read much SciFi (the last SciFi thing I remember reading was Ray Bradbury in college, though I enjoyed it!). I do want to go see Eragon, though, if that counts :-). I think that's fantasy, though.

    Lover of Books -- I bet Jodi is awesome in person. Her books are really great. I can't wait to get her next one and really want to get started on her backlist. Do you recommend any others on her backlist??

    Gina, I hear you on other books spurring ideas! Heck, EVERYTHING I read, even the newspaper, spurs ideas! The money book spurred an idea. My problem is not enough time to write the ideas, LOL.



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