Monday, January 22, 2007

A Brain Boost Day

Today's a brain-boost day. I turned in another book today (written in, like, 12 days, but before you all have a heart attack, it was a novella, so it was a short one :-). Still, the process was draining, coming on the heels of what felt like a gazillion books in a row with no days off at the end of 2006, so I'm taking a much needed brain-boost day.

What's a brain-boost day? For me, that means doing stuff that clears my brain of books but stimulates it all the same. Cleaning my office (and boy, does it need it!). Doing puzzles (I have all three of the available "Lost" puzzles). I LOVE puzzles. I've had those puzzles sitting on my dining room table for over a week, waiting for me to finish the silly book, just so I can get to them. For me, puzzles are relaxing. The kids and I sit over them for hours, figuring out where pieces go. The "Lost" ones are twice as challenging because the picture isn't on the box (only a tiny snippet of the picture is available).

So, I'll be back later today or tomorrow with more!



  1. Samantha Hunter2:22 PM

    Hey Shirley. Stopping in again, as you'll be guesting for us at Cigars, I thought I'd pop by and see if you had more recipes. ;)

    A book in twelve days? I don't care if it was a novella, I don't think I could do it -- that's really incredible. Makes my brain hurt just thinking about it. Speaking of finishing books, I guess I'd better get to that...

    Enjoy your brain boost day. :)


  2. Thanks, Sam! I had a great day off and it ended up turning into multi-days ;-)



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