Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oprah May Be on to Something

Totally proud of myself. I went to the gym and did a half an hour on the elliptical machine even though I had a headache and would have rather locked myself in a dark dungeon and had a pity party :-)

When I came home, I was starving. While killing myself on the elliptical machine, I read in the Ladies Home Journal (I think it's this month's issue) that a little protein and fiber at every meal speeds weight loss, so I figured, hey, let's try that combo for breakfast. It was late (10 a.m.) and I wasn't in the mood to actually cook something. Then I thought of Oprah and her open faced Wasa cracker sandwich that she showed yesterday.
Keep in mind I think Wasa crackers taste like cardboard. You pretty much have to pay me to eat one. But I was hungry and happened to have all the ingredients (except I had ham instead of turkey). I even had the basil. So, I tried it (sans the cheese, because all I had was fat-free American and I just wasn't in the mood for that).
I can't even begin to tell you how awesome this little sandwich was. I had two of them. Mega good. I'm not kidding. Really fast and easy and like, zero calories (those Wasa crackers are almost all fiber).
I was making a Chicken Tortilla soup and adding some cilantro when I had the brilliant idea of making one of these with some chicken deli meat and cilantro. Mmm.... Will try that later this week, after I get to the grocery store for some more supplies. Will keep you all posted :-)
For now, it's back to work :-) I did manage to pare down my e-mail box by 80 messages, so some of you who have been wondering if I dropped off the face of the earth probably got an e-mail today. Only 220 or so more to go ;-)
Oh, and if you want to see me in person (don't you dare bring a chocolate cake and tempt me :-), check out my updated appearances schedule!


  1. Anonymous12:24 AM

    Ok.That sandwich I might actually try. I for one hate Wasa crackers. I tried to love them considering they have some varieties that don't have wheat flour, but I just couldn't get my taste buds jumping for them. Thanks for sharing that!!! Hope your head is all better. I am on day 7 of my latest head explosion. Ugh!!!

  2. Found you via Brandy's blog, Book Mom. Your books sound great -- I'll put them on my list for my perpetual bookstore trips.

    Do you have a way to keep fresh cilantro from fading and getting disgusting after a day? I tried putting it in water and changing the water every day -- no luck.

    Nice to cyber-meet you!

    Devon Ellington
    Ink in My Coffee

  3. Hi Devon!

    I just do what Rachael Ray advises -- I wrap it in paper towels, put it in a Ziploc bag, and keep it in the fridge. I get it to last about a week that way.


  4. Tracy Skondin, tracy_jay@hotmail.com5:16 AM

    Did you just happen to have Wasa crackers in your pantry, or were you so quick as to already have bought them the day after they were on Oprah's show?

  5. Hi Tracy,

    I happened to have them in my cabinet already. DH likes them because they're high in fiber, so he had bought them earlier, and we had a couple different flavors. :-).



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