Friday, February 09, 2007

Library Talks

I love talking to library groups. First, you know you've got a great group of avid readers. Nothing beats libraries for people who love to read. Second, I'm surrounded by books. I couldn't ask for a better setting.

Last night, I spoke at the Rochester Public Library, to a group made up partly of the book club that had read The Other Wife and interested readers who wanted to hear about writing. So I told my story about how I became a writer, how I eventually ended up writing romantic comedy, where the idea for the food series came from and then answering general questions about my books. They were a really wonderful crowd. A lot of fun, enthusiastic and just all around nice. It was definitely worth the drive to go there.

Plus, I got to talk out the plot for a proposal I'm working on while I drove. That's one of the things I love about driving places by myself--I get to talk out loud and look like a loon, but it helps me work out plots that aren't going anywhere. I was trying to find a unique idea for a proposal that had stalled, and so I tried out a number of ideas, before finally stumbling upon a great one somewhere in Warsaw, Indiana. So, thanks, Warsaw. I was sitting at a stoplight, about to take a right when the perfect idea hit me ;-).

I've missed hitting the gym for a couple of days. One day because it was too cold and I had a headache. Yesterday because I tried to fit it in time-wise but I just had too much work to do and couldn't do it. Today, though, it's on my agenda, with a trip to the mall as a reward afterwards ;-).

As for recipes, none today, because I ate at Wendy's last night. I know...I'll see THAT on my scale today! Ah well, what's life without a little fast food? :-)

Have a great day!


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