Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Picture from the Valpo Signing

I promised a picture from my Valparaiso Signing and here it is!

That's me on the right and Becky Ashcroft, the wonderful CRM at the Barnes and Noble in Valpo. Not only is it a great store with some WONDERFUL readers, but it's smack-dab in the middle of some fab-O shopping! I had a wonderful time before and after the signing, not to mention during ;-).

Great time all around...and the reason we took the pic at that end of the table was that there were hardly any books left by the time we had a chance to take the picture! So we had to take the pic near the few books we had! (May all my signings have that problem ;-).

Oh, and we did get socked by all the snow that hit the Midwest. Here's a picture of my backyard with the kids and the Golden Retriever having lots of fun. :-) After this, my oldest told me she piled up the snow to build her own snowboard ramp in the yard, since her parents hadn't bought her a house that came equipped with a hill ;-). Ah, deprived children.


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  1. Donna - aka one6ylady10:34 PM

    Wow... can you send me some of that beautiful snow? All we got here in Delaware was ice, ice, and more ice. Since the State of Delaware was nice enough to give me a paid day off last Wednesday, I used it to re-read my copy of The Devil Served Tortellini. I ADORE that book and am skipping entering this month's contest so some other lucky fan gets a chance to read this fabulous book too. You inspire me.


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