Friday, February 23, 2007

Playlists That Rock...Sort Of ;-)

Where have I been? I just discovered other people's playlists on Rhapsody yesterday, after subscribing to the music service for over a year. I'd been cobbling together my own, trying to remember which songs I liked and who sang them (my memory for that kind of thing is shaky at best. I know I like a tune, but never remember who sang it or what the name of the song was). Then, whammo, I run into the playlists on Rhapsody and other people have done all the work for me.

Thanks, folks!

And it was gratifying to see I'm not the only person in the world who likes Standards and songs with only a piano accompaniment (that was a really great find!) and the whole list of Burt Bacharach hits (I love those because my mom used to sing them when I was a kid and she was taking singing lessons. Hearing them makes me feel like she's here with me again).

There was even a playlist of songs to write by, a whole bunch of classical music. I haven't tried that yet, but will later this weekend, I think.

Last night, my son had a wrestling meet (he won :-), so we got home late and did Subway for dinner. I was good and had a wrap instead of the big huge bread. And I discovered Yoplait Boston Cream Pie fat-free yogurt. A total dessert treat. Very good. I'm going to make some low-fat cherry scones this weekend for the school bake sale and try not to eat them all before said bake sale ;-). Hard to raise money if you eat all the profits.

Off to work. A gazillion things to do today and only one me!


Listening to: Jewel "Spirit," among other songs :-)

Reading: "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and books for RWA's RITA contest


  1. In the late 50's and through the 60's I played rock and roll (guitar and base) and a fair amount of jazz guitar and piano bar -- in those days those little dim-lit clubs had some of the smoothest and neatest music. You actually could understand the words when singers sang, and there typically was a message to the lyrics (promulgating good values). And now when I hear some of them on the radio, I fall into that la-la land you're talking about. It's wonderful!
    Thanks for the delightful walk down memory lane,
    P.S. Congrats to your son!

  2. I bought some of those low-fat cherry scones at the bake sale (9:15 Sunday) and they were yummy!

    Thanks for giving me the tip on your blog to get the recipe. I'll be making these this weekend.

    I happen to be an avid reader too. Now that I know of your books I will be PRETTY BAD and read them all!

    Kris Lahey

  3. Thanks, Kris! Glad you enjoyed the scones! Those are my favorite breakfast, without a doubt (makes me wish I bought a batch, LOL!).

    And glad you're enjoying the books, too! :-)


  4. thanks, Bill! I agree about the music of old. Even when I hear them perform the oldies on American Idol, I can hear the lyrics way better than some of the newer songs.

    And thanks for the congrats for my son! He lost his next two matches, so he is due for another win now :-)



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