Friday, March 02, 2007

A bit of Trivia

It's been a really hectic week this week...just unbelievably hectic. We've eaten out a lot, though I have to admit I've been pretty good. Just holding steady at the weight I've lost, not really losing. I did make it to the gym yesterday, had intentions to go today, but had to play catch-up and won't make it :-(

One of my readers, Janice, sent this cool bit of Trivia:

>>I bought some Valentine candy today( the best kind - discounted). The Nestle Crunch hearts had wrappers around them that asked questions about love, etc.

One question was: What brand name romance novels first came inside boxes of Bio-Aid detergent?

Answer: Harlequin Romance.<<

That was pretty cool! I had no idea that those came inside there. And, when I was listening to Sonic Theater on my XM Radio yesterday, they were reading a Harlequin Romance yesterday. I only heard a few minutes of it before I had to go and get the kids, but it was a nice departure. :-)


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  1. I wish we could still get free books with our detergents! They cost enough anyhow.


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