Friday, March 23, 2007

I miss cooking...

It has been the busiest week of my life in my house. Lots and lots of kid stuff, plus book signings and classes for me to teach (another book signing tonight at Barnes and Noble at Jefferson Pointe in Fort Wayne, IN, for those nearby to that). We've rarely been home before six or seven at night, so that means lots of drive-thru food.

Not exactly diet friendly :-(. I've maintained though (18 pounds total off). However, I went to Macy's yesterday and got a pair of those Tummy Tuck jeans. I have to say that they are THE BEST jeans ever and totally live up to their promise of shaving a size off your waist and hips. I have no idea HOW they do it or what magic is in the material, only that it works and I love them. They're pricey, but they last and they make you look good ;-) If you have any tummy at all, you HAVE to have them. I now have two pairs, because I went down a size :-). Now that we have a Macy's and they have a good supply, I'll be adding to my jean stack.

Oh, a little good news on my end -- The Bachelor Preferred Pastry (did I already tell you all this?) was a finalist in the Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence contest. Winner will be announced in May. Not bad :-) And I updated my website to include some new graphics and reviews, so check it out if you haven't been there in a while. There's also a link on the left side to get Autographed Copies of all my books.

And one more thing for the writers out there -- on my MySpace page, I've started a blog called JumpStart your writing (as if I didn't have enough to do ;-) where I'll be posting information about writing, both inspirational and some how-to. Today's blog post is about writing short stories. If you're interested, pop on by!

Have a great day, and hopefully you have wonderful spring weather where you are!



  1. Yeah! That is so wonderful about the book!!! I must have some of those jeans

  2. Anonymous12:29 AM

    Kudos to the 18 pounds gone and to the finalist status!!! Sounds like you had one of my weeks, I feel good if I get home before 7 myself.

  3. Thanks, both of you! And I'm just counting the days till next week! :-)



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