Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's very weird...

When people are talking about your books on blogs and boards. It's good though when they are saying nice things.

Here's the thing about being an author and I know this sounds odd, but I never expect anyone to actually READ my books.

I don't. I write them, send them off, and have written them because I HAD to write them. I personally had to know how the story turned out. I didn't write them necessarily for my editor or my readers or my kids or my grandma or anyone else. I write every book, at first, for me, because I care about those characters and I need to know that everything will work out okay and everyone will be all right in the end.

And when I hear people talking about my books and reading them...

It's really, really weird. When I get fan mail, it's really, really weird. I know, I know. I should expect both, because heck, the books are out there for people to buy and read, I mean, that's the whole purpose, right?

But I don't actually expect it.

I'm an me weird. :-)


PS: You'll notice a new graphic on the side. A bit delayed, but yes, I did win the Single Title Reviewer's Choice Award for "Twelve Days" in Sugar and Spice :-)


  1. Shirley,

    I've read quite a few of your books now and they really are the best! Coincidentally, I started reading The Virgin's Proposal again!

    I just finished reading Gary Barlow's autobiography from Take That and wanted a book to read in bed at night again.

    Congratulations on your Reviewers' Choice Award! I read your story in that book as well!


  2. I can only imagine girl!!! :) Your books are great!

  3. Thanks, Lynette and Tiff -- I appreciate it!! And hey, if I wasn't neurotic about it, I wouldn't be a writer, right? :-)



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