Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm Addicted Again

Over the last TV season, I really thought "Lost" had lost its punch. But last night--

Wow, did that show capture me all over again. I loved, loved, loved the season finale. They did it up right, and just surprised me all over the place. Grabbed me by the throat, held on and wouldn't let go. I didn't expect half the twists that took place, and loved the mega twist at the end.

Can't wait to watch it again today with the kids (we have a DVR, much to the kids' relief because that means they don't miss a single episode). I was glad they also ran "Lost: The Answers" last week and this week for people who are just coming in on Season Three and feeling kind of...lost ;-). It kind of helps you catch up, though the show is one huge puzzle, so there's a lot to catch up on. It's hugely helpful to rent the past two seasons on DVD and see how it all comes together. The kids and I usually rent the past seasons over the summer just to catch any back clues, becuase the more you watch the reruns, the more you pick up on stuff that was buried, little nodes of connection you missed.

And then, there was "American Idol." The foregone conclusion of Jordin winning. Sigh. My girl Lakisha made it to the final four at least. I do hope she gets a record deal and pumps out a few CDs. I'll miss seeing her on TV every week.

Here is my very favorite exhibit in Washington DC.

The Hope Diamond.

(Just kidding, there were plenty of other things I loved, that were very moving, but ah, nothing like a huge diamond!).

I have to say, it's kind of sad to see it just sitting in a case. Better there, I suppose than on the bottom of the ocean (how STUPID was that woman in "Titanic"? I mean, at least donate the thing to charity, for Pete's sake!). I bought myself mini faux Hope diamond earrings, the closest I'll get to the real thing. Cost me a whole $8.50, too ;-)

Only one week and two days of school left. Then no more getting out of bed early. Well, technically no more getting DRESSED early. I still get up early, just don't get dressed. I've never been one of those people who can sleep very late. I try very hard, believe me, but it's simply not part of my DNA to stay in bed late.

There are books to write, after all ;-)

As for cooking -- DH made spaghetti last night (I had a headache) so he gets mega brownie points this week. And now we're in grilling season. A huge hurrah because that gives me time off from kitchen duty!



  1. Anonymous1:06 PM

    Shirley, so glad you are back! Just got my copies of Back to Mr.and Mrs. and The Legacy. Saving them for my mini vacation next week. I've missed ya!

  2. My dh made dinner tonight! You have no idea how incredible that is. Five years of marriage and I think this is a first. He made a lovely tuna salad with baby carrots, slices of pepper, etc. He did a great job! (He doesn't even GRILL normally). He is such a sweetie!

  3. Glad to see you here, too, Andie! Hope your cruise was a blast! Enjoy the new books!


  4. Peg,

    Kudos to your DH! Hope you made a huge deal of it so he gets trained well to do it again! :-)



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