Friday, May 25, 2007

I Think I Need a Second Job


Oh, how I love them. And now I found another kind I totally love. But I need a second job just to pay for them.

Cole Haan. The company owns Nike [a whoopsie--editing -- is part of Nike]. And they are putting Nike Air comfort into the high heels. Talk about smart. I want every single solitary pair. I'll start anywhere on the dress shoe side. I'm not picky ;-)

These ones rock (these are the Charlize, I think).

But, considering they start around $200, I don't think DH will approve the purchase of shoes that are the same as the car payment for a Toyota. Sigh. And the nearest Cole Haan store is a couple hours away. Probably just as well. That'll make me have to work to get 'em. ;-)


Listening to: Michael Buble's "Call Me Irresponsible"
Reading: "Candles Burning" (picked it up after putting it down to finish reading a Lisa Gardner book).


  1. My problem lately is Victoria Secret. lol I just got their Angels card. :) Those shoes are nice but I won't pay a lot if I know I can get them cheaper. lol I'll look forward to your comments on Candles Burning. :)

  2. They're gorgeous! I love shoes too. My 17 year old works after school at Bakers Shoes. Her closet is FULL! I think she spend her whole paycheck on the merchandise. But she does get a wonderful discount. And her mother can get one too!

  3. I need a second job too, and am trying to contact you for your help. I love nice things and believe I can write but I have no clue what to do with books once I finish them. Could ya' spare a little time to help out a "would be" science fiction write who is ready to hit the book shelves? I am a local writer looking for some guidance. Barnes and Nobles at Jefferson Point sent me to you. Thanks! :0)

  4. I saw those on the Today show the other day! I covet those shoes!!! I would need either 2 more jobs or a sugar daddy for those awesome heels. *sigh* In my next life maybe....

  5. Not sure how Phil Knight would take to hearing Cole Haan owns NIKE...but that could be an Oregon thing :) Hubba Bubba works if you ever want to come chat up our RWA (see, then it's business, he's an accountant LOL) you can get all the CH you want...half price at the employee store. No joke. See...that's why I need a second job...


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