Sunday, May 06, 2007

Online Auction to Benefit Diabetes

This is a great cause and there are some REALLY great things to bid on, including autographed books and lunch with authors, etc:

Don't miss Brenda Novak's Third Annual On-Line Auction for Diabetes Research May 1 - May 31st at (Brenda's son has diabetes). There will be an amazing For Writers section that will include reads/critiques/lunches/teas/phone consultations with some of the biggest agents and editors in the business. There will also be plenty for published authors--publicity packages, lunch with Borders/Waldens bookbuyer Sue Grimshaw, Lunch with Levy Books, web site design, etc. The person who places the most bids over all will win a $1500 prize package that includes a brand new laptop computer and digital camera (even if that person doesn't actually win a single item)! For a preview of what will be available, there's a list posted at

PS: I'll be out of town for a bit, on my daughter's Washington DC trip and don't expect to be posting for a while, so see you back next week!

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