Thursday, May 03, 2007

Is That My Behind?

Every time I try to get ahead, I swear, I get further behind. And the worst part of trying to get caught up?

I spend more time in this chair. And that means expanding my behind. Ugh. A double whammy.
If only there was a way to somehow teleport my butt to the gym while my fingers stayed behind, wildly typing away at website updates, e-mail answering and book writing. [FYI: my website is all updated with excerpts, appearances and reviews. I'm planning on adding to Behind the Book in a couple of weeks].

So I'm not only getting a lot behind, I'm getting a lot OF behind. Ha ha.

But cool news...

I've got a ton of award nominations this year (if you're curious, scroll down a little on my home page). I haven't even been posting them here because they came in all at once. It's been a good month :-)

And I have two new books out this week. Why I have two books out in the same month from Harlequin, I don't know. The Powers That Be are apparently wiser than me :-) but the first book, BACK TO MR. & MRS., is the launch of my very first duet, which is really, really cool. Two linked books, twin brothers. The second book is out in June, so no waiting for voracious readers. That makes three...count 'em...three Shirley Jump books in two months. That's almost a magic trick ;-)

The second book, THE LEGACY, is the twelfth book in the Hotel Marchand series. Yes, you can read mine without reading the others. They're all stand alone books so you can read each by themselves. The last four books, too, are their own story within a story so that readers can pick up the last few without having to search wildly for the first few. (And nice review there at the link to Barnes and Noble...a nice surprise for me when I went to grab a link today).

So, I'm a busy girl :-) I'm working on the next book for Next (my third for the line) and then on to another romantic comedy for Kensington. Then another Harlequin Romance. Among that, throw in a trip to Washington DC with my 8th grader and her class...

I think I'll stay behind for a while longer (and considering we're taking a bus to DC, that behind itself won't get any smaller!) :-)

Reading: Tabitha King's Candles Burning
Susan Wiggs' Summer at Willow Lake (just finished it -- Two Enthusiastic Thumbs' Up; already bought the sequel)


  1. Hmmm, I'll have to save my pennies for your books. :) I read Candles Burning and will have to pick up another one of hers cause it was scary in parts and other parts seemed just so so. :)

  2. I admire your planning and commitment to your writing... more than that though, I admire your commitment to your family (the trip with your daughter)!

  3. Congrats on the nominations!


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