Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Messy Office...a Clear Mind

Apparently my office pic on my website (which is about four years old :-) isn't messy enough and people have been clamoring for one that shows my office in all its glory. I'll give you all a full shot in a few weeks -- we have a stash of garage sale stuff on one end of my office right now, then we have company that will be staying here for a while after that. Once all that is done and gone, then I'll have my space back to just mine again :-) And it will look like it normally does, 365 days a year (I swear).

But here, for now, is a picture of me at work at my desk. And yes, my desk does look like this. When I'm hip-deep in a book, there will be manuscript pages everywhere. Right now I'm starting a new one, so everything is on the computer or still in my head :-).

Reading: Harlen Coben's The Woods...totally great read so far!


  1. "Messiness," "obsessiveness" and "compulsiveness" are relative terms. I always figure that if my office space is my space, then my comfortableness with it is all that matters. So... until you clean it up, enjoy it. (At least that's my rationalization for "my office space" -- which in my mind is always neat and tidy; it's not my fault that others don't see it that way).

  2. LOL. Well, if I didn't have to share it from time to time with DH and guests, then the messiness wouldn't matter ;-).



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