Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Shoes are Like Puppies

My conference at RWA is only five days long. Not even that for me this year, since I'm leaving a day early to go dolphin training.

And yet, I have already bought three--count 'em, three--new pairs of shoes. A cute little pair of sandals with cherries on them (oh, they were too cute to pass up!!). Some wine-colored Steve Madden wedge peekaboo toe platforms (wine goes with everything, right? :-) and black lace with crystal high heeled killers that I wore to my Dad's wedding that cost so much they have to be conference shoes, too. But they ROCK to no end, so I love them and can't wait to wear them. I wear them sometimes with jeans because they are shoes that ROCK, no lie. (That's them on the right.)

And yet, I walk through the shoe department at Macy's and salivate. LITERALLY. It's some kind of Pavlovian response. I see the new shoes and want to take EVERY PAIR HOME. They're like puppies and kittens to me. I love them ALL. Every single one. (Okay maybe not some of the Clarks and Rockports. I draw the line somewhere).
And so does my pocketbook. Sigh. Maybe there's a shoe lottery. Like if you hit it, you can have every single pair. Of course, I'd need to win it for both seasons of the year, because in a couple months, they'll be putting out the boots ;-)
Listening to "Rent" sountrack (totally love that soundtrack!)
Reading: Candles Burning (back to that book again :-) and a new Wendy Corsi Staub at the same time


  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    I WANT those shoes sister! However, unless they are super comfy my feet would protest. I really want to see the Steve Maddens, heck I want to see them all!!!!

  2. I tried really hard to find images of all of them online and couldn't. If these darn books would quit getting in the way of my shopping life, I'd have more time to post pics of my shoes ;-)

  3. Have you checked out the shoes at Lord & Taylor? Their selection is fabulous!

  4. Your shoes made me die a little inside, in a good way. I covet them mightily.

  5. Those do look like rockin' shoes. I admit that shoe shopping isn't my thing. I think it's the horse girl in me, I want a bajillion pairs of cowboy boots.

    That, and I have never really learned to properly walk in heels! I like boot heels, that's as high as I like to be, lol.


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