Friday, July 20, 2007

Back from Dallas! Pictures!

I'm back from the RWA conference and have lots of pictures to share with you all! I didn't get to train the dolphins because one of the dolphins was sick so no one was getting in the water with the little guys (okay, so they're not so little ;-) but I did get a WAY INCREDIBLE behind the scenes peek at the Texas State Aquarium that will merit its own blog entry. Or two. Or three, LOL.

Here's a few pics from RWA Dallas. And this year, I remembered to take more than three pictures! Most years, I forget to take any!

Above, is me and my critique partner/roommate Janet Dean (who writes for Love Inspired Historicals) at the Harlequin Pajama Party. Note the very appropriate T-shirt for me. :-)

These are the cherry sandals I mentioned in my blog the other day. I finally resorted to just taking a picture of them on my feet. Okay, so this was after a couple glasses of wine when that seemed like a good idea ;-). But there they are. Very cute. And probably might look good with the "Will Work 4 Shoes" T-shirt, too.

This is all of us all gussied up for the Harlequin party, which was held this year at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas. Me on the right, then Katherine Garbera who writes for Blaze and Kensington, then Julia Justiss, who writes historicals and seated next to me at the Literacy signing every year (Jump, Justiss) and had this AMAZING period dress on this year, then someone whose name I forgot (and darn it, I knew I would...I'm really sorry, person I forgot), then Lenora Worth, who writes for both Steeple Hill and Harlequin Next and has a shoe collection that trumps mine. Sigh. At least she gives me something to aspire to.

Kathy is the whole reason I started the shoe thing in the first place. She had the same pair as me one year and we started a shoe war from there on out. This year was close, because she lives in Dallas, and was able to bring along way more pairs than me because she drove (hometown advantage!). She did have some really cute pairs.

Those are hers, second pair in, with the little white button on the side. Mine are the middle ones (those black lace ones that were in the blog earlier) and then there's Lenora's shoes, and then the person whose name I forgot, but who had AWESOME shoes. And Julia, on the far left.

Women and shoes. In a group. It can get vicious ;-) Is it any wonder I just finished reading The Shoe Queen? And I really loved it, BTW. It was a great book. Very different, and very good.



  1., glorious shoes...Oh, wait did I just type that out loud? Oops..anyway, glad to see you back and to hear you had a good time. Love the tee, I need one of those.

  2. Sounds like you had yet another busy and fun RWA conference. And if you ever want to feel good about your shoe tally, just visit my closet. Not much there!

  3. Andie,

    The T is from Steve and Barry's -- they have the BEST T-shirt selection ever!!

    And Mel, LOL -- we'll have to go shoe shopping some day. I'll bring you over to the dark side ;-)



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