Monday, August 27, 2007

Marcia James's Edible Avocado Body Paint

Another guest blog for today...I have a few more left to entertain you all! Today I'm off for all-day (ugh, ugh, ugh) training in Microsoft Word Advanced level. More on that later. So here's my replacement!

Okay, now this one isn't for the whole family :-) but it can be really fun for just the two of you!. Marcia is someone I have known for years, who does cool, memorable things like business cards with handcuffs (who can forget that??) and is one of those warm, friendly people you just can't help but like. The kind of person you'd have coffee with, gossip about the neighbors with...and not even realize she's cooking up body paint in her kitchen ;-) Check out her site and her recipe. Both are a lot of fun!


Hi! My pen name is Marcia James and I can’t cook. I’m not exaggerating. My culinary skills mostly extend to making reservations and memorizing the pizza delivery numbers. Until I was 49, I didn’t mix ingredients together to make anything more complicated than a boxed cake mix. I could get away with this appalling gap in my education because my husband is a grill master and we don’t have children. In our last house, our oven was broken for TEN years! When we finally had it repaired and tried to use it for a multi-family Thanksgiving dinner, the entire gas stove caught fire. When the firemen arrived, my mother yelled, “Save the turkey!” and my father remarked, “Maybe your sister will meet a nice fireman.” But I digress…

I like to believe that we all can’t be good in every room of the house, and I cook up some pretty hot scenes on my home office computer as the author of comic romantic suspense/mysteries. (AT HER COMMAND, Cerridwen Press) Inevitably, none of the characters in my books can cook either. Except for some hanky-panky on the CORIAN counter tops, not a lot of action happens in my fictional kitchens. So when NY Times bestseller Lori Foster put out a call for author recipes for a cookbook to raise money for our troops, I was stymied over what to contribute. Given the risqué subject matter of my hot, humorous romances, I decided my recipe should contain at least one aphrodisiac and should be very easy to make. I considered and rejected edible chocolate body paint since who needs to make that from scratch, when a squirt bottle of Hershey’s syrup will do just fine? So the Marcia James’ recipe in The Write Ingredients: Recipes from Your Favorite Authors edited by Lori Foster is edible avocado body paint.

Avocados have long been considered an aphrodisiac, and the oil-rich vegetable is often used in skin treatments. The Aztecs believed avocados, hanging in pairs on trees, resembled a man’s “family jewels.” Be forewarned, however, that using this chilled mixture on the aforementioned area of the male body could result in unwanted shrinkage. Also, covering the bed with a plastic shower curtain liner is recommended before application.
Edible Avocado Body Paint

4 ripe avocados – halved & pitted
6 tablespoons of sour cream
1 teaspoon of salt
2 teaspoons of lemon juice

Put the flesh of the avocado in a food processor and pulse to roughly chop it up. Add the sour cream. Pulse until the mixture is the texture of yogurt. Add the salt and lemon juice. Pulse until smooth. The recipe makes approximately 2 cups of avocado body paint – or a couple cups of avocado dip, if you prefer to serve it with chips!

Well, that’s my guest-blogger recipe for this yummy blog (thanks, Shirley!), but I’ll definitely be back as a reader since I have been trying my hand at cooking occasionally. My husband looks askance every time I bring home some new thing to try since I’m drawn to foods with interesting names like couscous, Swiss chard and Chayote squash. I also have a bad habit of altering recipes as though I actually know what I’m doing. However, some experiments have made their way into our rotation of favorite meals, like my spinach and bean dish drizzled with balsamic glaze. (I’d post that recipe here, but I make it different each time.) If anyone has an easy recipe for a funny-sounding food, I’d love to see it!


  1. I have one of your handcuff business cards, Marcia! They are sooooo cute. :-) And thanks for sharing this recipe. I never thought about using avocado ... good luck with your "exotic" food recipe experiments!


  2. Thanks, Rachelle! I tried to leave a comment earlier, but it must have been gotten lost in cyberspace! I love giving out the thumbcuff keychains. I think the novelty company I get them from is getting a little concerned about how many they are sending to a residential home! I think I buy more than most of their retail customers. ;-D

    By the way, if you decide to try the avocado body paint, be sure to nibble it off fairly quickly, or it will turn brown and look like an unappetizing mud pack. ;-)
    -- Marcia (~L*)

  3. LOL about both - your reputation with the keychain company (I can just see them in their meetings, scratching their heads and saying, "What DOES she do with those keychains?") and the brown muck. Yet another thing I didn't think about regarding those avocados. :-)

  4. Hi again, Rachelle! My new high-speed Internet is messing up, so I'm using dial-up to leave a comment. Here's another "heads-up" about any type of thick body paint -- it's best to paper-towel off any you don't nibble off, or you'll run the risk of clogging your bath tub or shower drain! ;-) Yes, sometimes sexy experimentation can be hard work!
    -- Marcia ;-D


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