Friday, August 24, 2007

Rainy Days...

Guess how much work I got done yesterday...?

About zero.

I'm in the Midwest. Not, thank God, in Ohio, which is drowning in rain, but close enough to Ohio to be pretty well sick of rain myself. It's supposed to rain again today. And tomorrow. After a summer that was pretty dry (where I wondered why I even bothered to plant flowers or have a lawn), the rain was at first a welcome sight. Now, not so much. My migraines have been pretty steady, but I managed to work around them.

Until yesterday. The power went out, and stayed out. I took the kids to DQ for dinner. Which made me mom of the year, because that meant ice cream for dessert. Then we came home, power was still out, so we stayed outside -- oldest mowed the front, then the two kids played and I weeded. Long overdue weeding, I might add. I think the neighbors think we're the Addams family ;-) I never leave the writing cave, and the weeds just keep growing.

I figured by the time the weeds were done, the power would be back on and I could get some work done. Nope. Put the kids to bed. Hoped for power. No luck. Figured I'd get a couple hours sleep, then see if the power came on. Nope. It did flicker on around ten, just to tease me, then went back off again. I have no idea when it finally did come back on, but it wasn't early enough for to make anything of my day.

Ah well, there's today at least :-). And now that both kids are back in school, my house has stayed clean all day, the laundry load is much lighter, and the house is QUIET. When I do sit down to work, I actually get something DONE.

But you know what? I miss those kids all the same. Silly Mom. Never happy ;-)



  1. Anonymous12:50 AM

    I feel the same way....I couldn't wait for them to be back in school, now I miss them, even though I didn't get to stay home with them. Mommys are silly....its part of the job description.

  2. Cathy S8:25 AM


    Sorry to hear about your power outage. We had one last week from 1:45 a.m. to 11 a.m. and it seemed like forever. (only 5 hours while we were awake :) We're no pioneers. You're tough, for weeding in the heat.

    I can so relate to missing the kids. Can't live with 'em, wouldn't want to live without 'em. Mothers are always in transition, aren't they.

  3. LOL. It's true. Moms are just never happy. The kids were home all weekend, on each other's nerves, on my nerves. But, oh, I enjoyed the sound.

    And sure enjoyed the sound of the alarm clock today announcing SCHOOL again! :-)



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