Saturday, November 24, 2007

Working off that Pie :-)

Black Friday...the craziest shopping day of the year. And yes, yours truly is a total Black Friday shopper. I love it. You knew I would be, didn't you? I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. I write a Christmas book every Christmas (last year's Sugar and Spice, this year's Miracle on Christmas Eve (in stores now), and right now, I'm writing the tentatively called Kiss Me, Joy, plus I have a UK only novella that will be in the US next year or the year after in a collection called Christmas Weddings).

So when Black Friday comes about and I am still stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner, I am up and running out the door. I'm not insane enough to tackle Best Buy (there were actually police at Best Buy, it was that bad) or stores like that, but I do hit Kohl's, Macy's, JC Penney. I did get the blow-up snowman at Macy's that worked out free with a $25 purchase (between the $10 coupon and his little bitty $5 price). And I got myself two sweaters for all my efforts, because I had accumulated a whole lot of Macy's coupons.

I am a major Macy's shopper, and Macy's rewards me with a lot of $20 off a $50 purchase coupon kind of thing. Turned out I had more coupons than I needed for what I was buying for Christmas presents, so I bought two sweaters, and STILL had two coupons left that I gave to the people behind me in line. Share the Christmas spirit and all :-)

My daughter dragged herself out of bed to go with me this year. Not out of some kind of love for me, but because she had birthday money to spend at Hollister. But she was a great help, especially in Kohl's, which was a total ZOO. So bad, that one woman passed out in line and hit her head. Paramedics came and everything.

Macy's was large enough and had enough registers open that it was just like shopping on any other day. JC Penney wasn't smart enough to open all its registers AGAIN so I had to wait in line for a long time. But not as bad as the hour I waited in the Kohl's line. By that time, the other stores we stopped in on the way out of the mall were nearly empty, so it wasn't that bad.

I had enough calories to burn off, too! I was a cooking MANIAC for Thanksgiving. I made turkey, gravy, sausage and cranberry cornbread stuffing, my crock-pot mashed potatoes, Janie's Sweet Potato Casserole, a corn casserole (made with homemade creamed corn), cranberry relish, green bean casserole with really good frozen (the ones that are just like fresh, long and green, not short and stubby) green beans (I hate canned ones), biscuits, and three kinds of pie: apple, pecan and custard. I had plans to make pumpkin pie, but when I opened the cabinet to grab the canned pumpkin, it wasn't there. I think the kids gave it to the can collecting kids on Halloween (the ones that come by from local churches), thinking they were getting out of some hideous vegetable side dish ;-).

After that, I was exhausted. Came home and rented "Evan Almighty," watched that and then took one huge, huge nap.

Now I'm ready for more pie and LOTS more shopping! And tomorrow, decorating!

Reading: Dennis Lehane's Gone, Baby, Gone
Listening To: Christmas music, of course!


  1. I want to rewind and do the weekend again. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving but I FORGOT to make the stuffing! None of us realized it until we were almost done with the meal and I was explaining how simple we were keeping it this year.

    "I even bought Stove Top," I said.

    Everyone looked around the crowded dining table and realized it at the same time. It's okay. It would't have fit anyway!

    Love your enthusiasm for Black Friday! I wasn't willing to drag myself out of bed in the wee hours, so by the time dd and I got to Kohl's, what we wanted was gone. I was half-relieved, because we had those long lines here too!

  2. LOL, Carolyn!!!!! That is hilarious about the stuffing! My husband once thought he'd help me out by making the pumpkin pie.

    Except he didn't add the sugar. He read down all the ingredients, dumped them into the mix...and left out sugar. It was the most disgusting pie ever. :-)


  3. Surgar and Spice is the first book that I read that you were in and I absolutely loved it. Now I am hooked. so I got to the libraary website and checked out all of your books that they had. Once I start it is so hard to put it down!

  4. Thanks so much, Andrea!! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it! I have two Christmas books out in 2008, one out right now (CHRISTMAS WEDDINGS) and one coming out in December. Enjoy the others -- and thanks so much for reading!



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