Saturday, January 12, 2008

Really Cool about Really Something...

Really Something, my latest release, has been out for a little bit (and if you missed it in the Christmas rush, it's still in bookstores, and on Amazon and, so you can buy it all kinds of places), and that means it's getting reviewed and read.

This was the book I really stretched my writing muscles on, took some chances with. I had a lot more room to do that, because it wasn't a recipe book, so I had all those extra pages to write more story.

Apparently, that's paid off. Among other places, Armchair Reviews loved the book (Romantic Times and did, too, their reviews are on my website).

But the coolest thing is when other readers love the book. Sometimes, someone tells me about a review they see, or they just e-mail me that they loved the book. But today, I heard about Plot Monkeys (which is a GREAT blog in and of itself), run by some top authors, one of whom had read Really Something and enjoyed it.

How cool is that?

Anyway, Plot Monkeys is a great blog, as I said. The authors talk about writing, talk about books, talk about all kinds of things. Check it out if you get a chance!

PS: Thanks for all the cookie avoidance tips!

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