Monday, March 03, 2008

Sophie Day 2...and Bread experiment

I promise this won't be ALL about Sophie all the time. But she is TOO cute for words :-) Here's a way better pic. This one is my FAVORITE. It took about a half an hour to get her to sit still long enough :-).
I did a little Paris Hilton yesterday and bought her a coat. Hey, it's supposed to snow tomorrow. And she had a little sniffle yesterday. :-). It's teal and has a polka dot raincoat lining for when we go walking in the rain (maybe later today once the ice is all melted). She weighs so little, though, that once I put it on in her in Petco, she dropped down, like it was the weight of the world on her little back, LOL.
People have asked me how she's doing. Pretty darn good, considering I've owned her less than 36 hours. She's had 3 accidents in the house, all of them by the door. She's got such a small bladder that when she has to go, you better be ready with that door :-). She has learned to bark already to go out, but doesn't do it every time yet. About half the time, I'd say. She comes to her name, and she has learned one trick -- kisses. You ask her to give kisses and she licks your face.
Other than that, she's been a good sleeper, though she's not so good about eating. She gets SO easily distracted, that I really have to stay there and stay on top of her to eat. I put some warm chicken broth on her food this morning but she still would rather play than eat.
I took her to a birthday party yesterday and she was SO well behaved. Everyone loved her :-).
She has been a bit nippy this morning, but I'll be working on that habit, for sure. I don't want her to grow up into being an ankle biter :-).
Okay, on to my baking experiments. I made Monkey Bread from scratch the other day and it was yummy but WAY too much work. DH's aunt gave me a recipe for one that's made with buttermilk biscuits from a can, and I think I'll do that, but combined with the other stuff this homemade recipe had. I used golden raisins and dried cherries, as well as rolled the dough balls in brown sugar and ground pecans. Yummy.
I also made Rachael Ray's Honey Mustard Chicken Tenders (I didn't make the potatoes) and they were very good. A lot of work but yummy. I didn't need as much honey and mustard as the recipe calls for, and I used chicken breasts that I sliced up instead of the more expensive tenderloins. Still good.


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