Saturday, April 19, 2008

Lots of News! Shirley a Horror Writer??

Well, the deal is on Publishers Marketplace now, so it's out there for all the world to see :-) so I thought I'd announce it on the blog. My daughter and I are going to be writing horror young adult novels together for Houghton-Mifflin!!

It's amazing to think that my kid is A.) grown up enough to do this (she's nearly 15) and B.) that from a dream I had as a kid, I'll now be pursuing it with my child. How cool is that?Yes, I'll still be writing romantic comedies and sticking with my Harlequin Romances! I love writing those, too!

These books with my daughter are just one more type of writing, a little something different every year. The first book, tentatively titled THE WELL, will be out in late 2009 (it's about a high school freshman whose mother is trying to kill him. Yes, it's scary :-).

We'll be writing under a pen name, AJ Whitten. Visit our MySpace page, and keep an eye on the updates (DD is in charge of the marketing on this one :-).

And in a little other cool beans news...

Library Journal reviewed...and LOVED the first book in the Wedding Planners series! My editor sent me the link yesterday, and it was such a wonderful way to start my day! Quoting just part of the review:

"...funny, sassy story that launches Harlequin's "Wedding Planner" miniseries in fine style...this tale of rekindled love is right on target; a delightful start to this uplifting, marriage-oriented series. Jump's (Really Something) romances are noted for their humor..."

I think you can read the whole thing at your local library (I'm pretty sure they all carry LJ). Sweetheart Lost and Found is still in stores, so pick it up on your next trip!



  1. Linda g7:05 PM

    Hi Shirley,
    I've probably lost all my friends, but my 'tagged' blog is up. I discovered a lot of folks I know don't even have blogs! Come visit. Bring chocolate.

  2. What flavor of horror will you be writing? I love finding and collecting YA ghost stories. It is very different from adult stories.

    The best part is that you will be working with your daughter. I wonder how much your writing will change after her influence?

  3. Hey! That is awesome news, Shirley! I can't wait to read it with my daughter! Congrats!

  4. Thanks for all the congrats! And we're writing "lite" Stephen King kind of stuff! It'll be really fun :-)



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