Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm Officially a Crackberry

I bought a Blackberry Curve a few weeks ago, after trading in my Razr, and first buying a Samsung PDA that was SO AWFUL (at least for me; I ran into lots of people who loved it, so maybe it was just me). The Samsung had major issues with my Chrysler Aspen's UConnect system, and refused to work with it, which made the whole hands-free talking thing become hands-on. Basically a PITA.

So, I went back to the cell store, and they had just gotten in the Curve. I had been resistent to the Blackberry, because I really wanted a touch screen. I was all about the cool factor ;-). But I was swayed by the reliability thing, and the fact that ALL Blackberry phones are compatible with my Aspen.

In like one day, I became a Crackberry. Seriously that addictive. As soon as I realized how easy it was to get my e-mail, and get on the Internet, and how I could play the games, and do all kinds of cool things...I have not been without my Blackberry at ALL. I am one of THOSE people. Yes, it goes to bed at night with me, and sits on my nightstand, just waiting. I have to flip it over, because if I see the little red light blinking, saying there is new e-mail, the suspense will kill me and I'll have to check.

And the free games (!) are so cool. Blackberry Owner's Lounge offers a few (Checkers, Disco Bowling, and now Sudoko...I am SO HOOKED ON THAT ONE!). And you can get a few through, which is HANDS-DOWN THE MOST HELPFUL site for new Blackberry owners. It's worth registering (free; and you get a regular newsletter) because there's a whole Blackberry 101 lecture posted on there that you can read that tells you how to do everything.

I also got Guitar Hero III for the kids, which means whenever I'm not holding the Berry, the kids have it. My son is either trying to best his high score on Brickbreaker, or beat my daughter's score on Guitar Hero III.

Oh, and on Crackberry, you can get the COOLEST ringtones. I have "The Office" themesong as mine, and let my daughter pick her own current hit song as the ringtone for when she calls me (she picked "Nine in the Afternoon" by Panic at the Disco). I've got "Home" by Michael Buble for when someone calls from home, etc.

And no, Blackberry's not paying me a dime to say nice things about them :-). I just really love the phone. It's nearly become my primary computer (if I could write on it, it would be) because I can subscribe to RSS feeds for blogs (like for this one ;-) and get all my e-mail, plus play games...there's pretty much nothing I can't do with it, except, as I said, write. That means I actually WORK on my laptop, and keep the e-mail separate. A better idea, really ;-).

But that little bugger is pretty darn addictive. It's probably a good thing the kids take it away every once in a while. I feel myself getting lightheaded and hyperventilating when the Berry is out of sight, LOL.


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