Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Mall to Beat all Malls

We spent our Fourth of July holiday in every woman's paradise:

The Mall of America.
I know. I had to take deep breaths just to walk in the place. And once I walked into DSW Shoe Warehouse...well, let's just say it was a good thing there was plenty of oxygen in the ventilation system ;-) I had five pairs of shoes bought in record time and would have bought more if my teenage daughter hadn't dragged me out of there.
But no worries, leaving DSW... (sorry...went looking for the DSW link and got distracted for a second here shopping their clearance sale. I don't need any more shoes. Don't need any more shoes. Don't need...) me over to Sephora. I've been DYING to go to Sephora, ever since I started watching What Not to Wear and saw Carmindy using all those great products.
I hit all the major stores. Spent two and a half days at the Mall. I know, isn't that heaven? Well, maybe that's hell if you're not a shopper, LOL, but for me it was heaven. I wish I'd gone back to the shoe store a dozen more times, actually. But now I have the website link and a credit card in hand...

Which means I can replicate that Mall of America experience in my pajamas ;-)
The other cool thing we did was go to a Japanese Hibachi restaurant. I had been to one before, but this one, in downtown Minneapolis, was AWESOME. Now, I wouldn't recommend walking around downtown Minneapolis late at night with your kids ;-). We kind of ate and left. We had thought, when we looked at the promo for the area, that it might be a pretty fun spot -- sort of like the same areas they have in Louisville, etc. But when we went down there on Sunday night, there were no tourists and a whole lot of people I wouldn't invite over for a barbecue. My son wanted to know why there were thirty young men all dressed exactly the same. A club of some sort, he was sure. Yeah, a club. Exactly. :-)
But the restaurant was great. The food FABULOUS. The chef hilarious. Some of the best Asian food I've had in a while. A great way to end our trip, gastronomically :-).


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  1. Glad you had a good time here in MN! When you live here you get kind of immune to things like MOA and some of the outlet malls. That Hibatchi restaurant is worth the experience of downtown, but I will agree with you that it's not the best locale for nighttime. There's a great German restaurant in NE Mnpls too but it's in a BAD neighborhood so we don't go.


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