Thursday, August 28, 2008

Taking a Book from Good to Sold Online Class

If you've been writing a book or are looking to jazz up your writing, there's just a few more days to sign up for my month-long intensive online class on TAKING A BOOK FROM GOOD TO SOLD. This class details how I went from being just good enough to win contests and get past the editorial assistants (but not quite sell all those manuscripts I write) to being a SOLD author. Now that I've sold 35+ books :-), I think I have a good idea of what it takes (and then that could be you at a book signing; that's me on the right, if you didn't know)! :-).

So join me -- the cost is low ($25 for non-members, what a deal for a whole MONTH!!! of learning) and you'll learn a TON!! I promise!


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