Friday, October 10, 2008

Hazelnut-Crusted Chicken with Raspberry Sauce

This one was cool and different (another Bon Appetit recipe :-).

My adventure in looking for hazelnuts was one of those drive all over the city thing, but I did find them. You might need to go to a bigger market, or one that specializes in nuts, because apparently hazelnuts are a holiday thing. If you end up buying more than you need, FREEZE the rest of them. Nuts keep well in the freezer.

Anyway, this recipe was cool. I TOTALLY loved this one (I'm not going to copy it here, because I followed it exactly, so just click the link and the good folks at Bon Appetit have it posted). My family's reviews were mixed. Half loved the fresh raspberry sauce, half didn't. I thought it was awesome, and a nice change from the regular, but my family's big on the hot sauce for their meat kind of thing, so a cold raspberry sauce was like serving them cold cucumber soup, KWIM? The hazelnut crusted chicken, though, was a huge hit, and everyone loved that.

Like the reviewers said, the tablespoon of salt was too much (I figured it was a typo) and I only added a little bit. I mean, a TABLESPOON? that's like a heart attack on a plate.

I served it with a lemon zucchini pasta. When I get a chance, I'll do my review on that recipe :-)

PS: Look for a new feature to the blog: WRITING ADVICE MONDAYS starting on...Monday! ;-) And another new feature...prizes!!!!!

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