Saturday, October 11, 2008

Two On-the-Run Breakfast Ideas

I don't know about your family, but mine is constant;y running out the door to school, and that means we constantly need quick and easy breakfast ideas. Things that are healthier than donuts and...nothing, which is what my kids often try to sneak out and have ;-).

I found two hits in my house. One is Pita Pocket breakfasts, something that was recommended in a recent issue of Woman's Day. They recommended cooking scrambled eggs in the microwave with a bit of cream cheese, but I don't like how eggs come out that way, and found it just as easy to do them in a pan (the way my kids like them). I throw in a pre-cooked and re-warmed sausage patty and for DH, who likes cheese, a slice of cheese. One kid likes just eggs, so that's all that goes in her pita. It's good because it's a car breakfast -- the pita holds everything and no one drops anything. A tip: I found that buying uncut pitas makes them less stiff and thus, easier to stuff. I don't know if when the factory cuts them they go stale quicker, or what, but the whole ones are softer.

The second recipe I made was Wild Blue Energy Chews, from a Betty Crocker newsletter (you can sign up at the Betty Crocker website, and they alert you when there are new Betty Crocker coupons). Anyway, I made these but I substituted a little -- I did do the wheat germ (and didn't say a word to my kids, so mum's the word, folks ;-). I threw in pecans instead of almonds, and did semisweet chocolate chips instead of unsweetened chocolate. These cookies were YUMMY. I want to try the cranberry white chocolate variation, too, and maybe bring those to a bible study or something like that as well. Anyway, my kids were totally thrilled to have COOKIES FOR BREAKFAST. And that's how they said it, too, in all caps ;-).

So if you're looking for something different, try either one of these. They really worked out well at our house!

PS: Starting Monday, look for a new feature on the blog: WRITING ADVICE MONDAYS! (and yes, I'll still be posting loads of recipes, too). And another new feature...prizes!!!!!

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