Friday, October 24, 2008

Products and Sites I Like

I'm constantly doing blog posts where I sneak in mentions of things I like, not that I get paid for any of that, LOL, but I figured I should do one big post about these things. And again, I don't get paid by any of these people or products. I just like them.

* For a one-stop coupon site, try Coupon Mom. She was on...Oprah, I think. She did this huge shopping trip for like $40. Made my weekly savings feel pitiful, though I do take pride in what I manage to save every week. I just can't throw the coupons away. It feels like I'm tossing dollars into the trash. I have this great pad of grocery planning sheets I got free from someplace that lets you list your menu at the top, then the stuff you need to buy in groups at the bottom. It keeps me on track at the grocery store. My whole menu is planned around meats on sale, and I do believe in stocking up on big-ticket items. Anyway, CouponMom also has a blog that has lots of free and reduced dollar offers, too.

* The new Levi's Perfectly Slimming Jeans. They slim. Perfectly. Cheapest at Wal-Mart. Get 'em in a dark wash, as the folks at What Not to Wear will tell you, and you'll look even slimmer.

* Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower Foamer. OMG. This stuff is DA BOMB. I really, really, really hate cleaning the shower. I mean, who likes doing that job? This stuff does what it says and takes virtually every inch of soap scum off, and leaves everything squeaky clean. I had to do a tiny amount of scrubbing on some stubborn areas, but that was it. Most of it was done entirely by those magic little scrubbing bubbles. If you click on the link, there's a one dollar off coupon.

* The Braun Hand Blender. I know I've talked about this before in my recipe posts, but I seriously use this thing three or four times a week. I use it for EVERYTHING. Grinding nuts. Shredding cheese. Making mashed potatoes. Making dressings, name it, if it'll fit in the food processor, I make it there. If the hand blender will fit in the bowl, I use it. It's small, it's powerful, and easy to wield. No need to get out the monster Kitchen Aid mixer. If you don't have one, demand Santa bring you one ;-)

* My favorite recipe magazines are Taste of Home, Rachael Ray (though I probably only use about 8 recipes an issue, they're usually 8 winners) and Bon Appetit. The entire Taste of Home family is really good. Woman's Day has some good ones, but not nearly enough recipes per issue. And I don't have time to read anything else, LOL. I do get Gourmet, but it's mostly too complicated and time-consuming stuff for me. I'm a "get it done, so I can eat it" kind of cook.

Tell me, what products and websites do you like? Do you have any new things that you've tried that you totally love? Please share! I love finding new things to try!



  1. I always leave your blog so darned hungry. Thanks for the great recipes and all the handy tips you share.


  2. LOL, I leave it hungry, too, just writing the posts! The more I post, the more I want to cook. I really need to get a bigger kitchen! :-)


  3. So glad to have found your blog, Shirley! We get the food mags you've listed, plus another favorite of ours, Saveur, which I find is really as much about reading about yummy food as it is about cooking it! We're in Canada, so we celebrated Thanksgiving last weekend - and we did our entire menu from the Bon Appetit Nov 2008 issue. It was fabulous (only one "dud")!

  4. Muse,

    You have a great blog, too! I haven't seen that other magazine, but will look for it.

    And THANKS for the review of the Bon Appetit Thanksgiving menu! I had marked several of those recipes to try and wondered about them myself. I'm so glad to hear someone else's experiences with them!



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