Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Quick and Easy Stir-Fry

At this rate, I'm going to have to get a second wok, I swear ;-). I've been a Chinese food cooking fan lately, making tons and tons of it.

This picture definitely doesn't do the dish any justice. I had to rush to grab a snapshot before the family dug in. They were hungry, and the scents of this dish were very tantalizing. Oranges, plum sauce, soy, beef...

Plus I had homemade fried rice, a recipe I've posted before on the blog. This time, I also roasted a boneless pork chop with some hoisin sauce, putting it on an oven rack over a pan of water (if you look up how to make Chinese barbecued pork on Google, they recommend that to dry it out), and chopped that up to add to the fried rice. Carnivore heaven that night, I guess ;-).

Anyway, this Orange Beef and Broccoli recipe was another one of those Rachael Ray recipes. I did everything, except I cut the jalapeno chile in half, and only added half of what the recipe called for, because my kids aren't big on really spicy food. And I used frozen broccoli that I defrosted in the microwave first, because...that's what I had on hand. :-)

I also used peanut oil to cook with, because that's what I tend to use when I make Chinese food.

I think that's all the substitutions I made :-). Either way, both my kids had seconds, and got mad that there weren't any leftovers. Geez, can't please everyone. ;-).

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