Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Signs of Spring

Sunday, I spent the day outside...planting flowers and enjoying all the sunshine. I'd been DYING to buy some flowers for my outdoor planters, plus get some window boxes for my deck. DH needed something at Lowe's and I ended up talking him into a lot more, LOL.
Planting my annuals is my one outdoor thing, though. Well, that and the birdfeeders.
My birdfeeders though, are at my old house (which is on the market) so I'm dying for some new ones.
They're on my list...soon, I hope, I'll have lots more birdfeeders so I can see all the amazing birds that are here up close.
Anyway, here's some pics of the trees outside (don't ask me what they are; I am SO not landscaping girl, so I have NO idea. But they're pretty!).
And one of Sophie beside the newly filled deck planter. I got her to look cute by asking if she wanted a cookie. that dog is a girl after my own heart--she'll do anything for dessert ;-)


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  1. What pretty pictures! Thanks for giving us a look into your world.


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