Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Talented Friends...

I have a friend who has a custom-made jewelry and handbag business and she makes THE COOLEST stuff. I have a necklace by her that has my kids' names on it, and their birthstones, and I totally love it. Lots and lots of people notice it, which gets me talking about my friend, and how we've known each other since elementary school...

It's just neat to think that someone I once walked to fourth grade with has hand-made something I carry around (a very cool purse, pic to come) or wear on my neck or in my ears. I neat is that?

But beyond that, her stuff is just neat. I have sewn before, but my results are...well, let's just say I have a 50/50 success rate with a sewing machine, LOL. And I have little to no patience with miniscule crafts like jewelry, so my hat is of to anyone who can manage cool things like this.

Anyway, check out her site and her designs...if you want something neat and different for Mother's Day, I HIGHLY recommend her! (and the prices are perfect, too).


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