Monday, June 15, 2009

100 Calorie Snacks...A Good Idea?

My local paper ran an article about 100 calorie snacks you can make yourself (okay, I like to cook, but even I'm not sure I'd go to that much work for 100 calories. Those people at Nabisco have handily done it for me already).

Then there's the serving issue. The recipes make servings for more than one.

Well, when you have a 100-calorie snack, WHO STOPS AT ONE SERVING? It's so easy to say, just another couple. It'll only be...10 calories. Then a couple more. Another 10. Before you know it, you've eaten the entire dish and racked up a few hundred calories instead.

I'll all for low-calorie snacks, BTW. Especially considering the insane amount of time I've spent on my elliptical machine in recent months. But I need them to come with a lock and key. A real limiter--no more after 100. Like a in-house vending machine.

Now THERE'S an idea I could get behind. A home vending machine for dieters. You plug in the number of calories you want to eat for the day, and the machine only spits out enough food for that amount of calories. No more. No less. It's like having armed guards standing in front of your kitchen cabinets ;-)

Now, if McDonald's could just make a 100-calorie double cheeseburger meal... ;-)


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