Saturday, July 11, 2009

Easily Distracted by Shiny Objects

The Romance Writers of America conference is next week, and when my husband asked if I needed any new clothes this year before I went, I said "no." I had REALLY good intentions of not buying anything. Honest, I did. And then my friend wanted to go shopping because she was going to the conference, and ended up at Macy's. In the shoe department. In the middle of a clearance sale. Need I say more?

I'm easily distracted by shiny objects, particularly ones that have high heels and a red clearance price tag ;-). I had just been in Macy's a couple days before and bought two pairs of shoes. So I KNEW I shouldn't be back. (Not to mention the two pairs I bought online at DSW just a couple weeks ago. Aren't those black heels awesome? I loved them. They're still on clearance at Macy's, FYI, both online and in the store. But I didn't tell you that, LOL.)

So I should have been smart and completely bypassed the shoe department, going straight to the Petites, where my friend needed to go.

But the shoes CALLED to me. I swear.

So I stopped. Just for a second, I told myself. Like a sugar addict passing a candy counter, just to inhale the scent of chocolate.
I found several in my size on the rack, tried them on, and told myself I was only going to buy one pair. But the other women in the store loved them all and even the sales guy drooled over one pair in particular. (though that might have been more out of a guy stiletto thing than anything else). And so I was talked into buying ALL of them.
I don't have pictures of pairs of shoes, but I got some really cute black and white ones with bows on them, these neat Anne Klein pumps, some hot Guess stilettos, and a pair of simple denim slides.

And then guess where we ended up later that night? At the mall. Which had...a DSW (if you have never been to a DSW and you love shoes, you MUST GO. It is the HUGEST SHOE STORE EVA. A positive shoe MECCA. Try the online store for great buys, too).

But you all would be proud of me. Even though I came within an inch of buying some Jessica Simpson stilettos, in the end I talked myself out of them.

Because they didn't have my size in red ;-)
(and if you want to read more about my shopping expedition, plus see a pic of the really cute denim slides Cathy and I got for $7.50, marked down from $50, go to Cathy's blog today. She has a picture of the two of us, too, before we went shopping).


  1. Loved your conference shoes, Shirley! I couldn't even walk in stilettos, but they're awesome! My favorite is the pair with the buckles.


  2. Thanks, Janet! I did go and get some red Jessica Simpson stilettos today, too.

    I know. Sigh. I need an intervention ;-)

  3. Opentoed heels are the BEST!! Have you seen the ones by Christian Louboutin?

  4. I have! I LOVE them. They are on my list for shoes I want. :-) But convincing DH that spending the money for those or Jimmy Choos and Manolos is a little harder than a pair of Jessica Simpsons, LOL. I'm wearing him down, one pair of Michael Kors at a time ;-)

  5. Anonymous10:21 AM

    How did I know Cathy was involved in this! Coming up to Chicago's Spring Fling conference was her "excuse" in '08...but she sure did look adorable...

    I'm sure you two will knock 'em dead in DC..Jan from Chicago


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