Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More RWA pictures

One of the highlights of the RWA conference is the Harlequin Pajama party. It's put on by eHarlequin, and yes, you are asked to wear your pajamas. You tromp through the hotel to the party (something that's not so bad, considering how many people nowadays wear their PJs to the grocery store, the airport, heck, school!) and then have a great time.

This is me and one of my great friends, Holly Jacobs. My T-shirt is from San Francisco--and it says "You Don't Know Me: Federal Witness Protection Program." LOL. I look all year for something funny to wear to the PJ party. One year it was "Will Work for Shoes." Steve and Barry's was a great store for finding T-shirts--really hate that they went out of business.

Here's me and Susan Gable. Uh, yes, I've had a couple drinks ;-) I blame it all on the great Lebanese restaurant I went to for dinner just before the PJ party. They had a fabulous white wine, which I split with another author.

And finally, another picture from the Harlequin Party on Friday night. I have loads and loads of pictures from that. This is me and Donna Alward, who also writes for Romance, in front of the sign celebrating Harlequin's 60th anniversary.

It was a FABULOUS party. They had commemorative desserts from all the decades and commemorative drinks (I made it to a few decades, LOL, didn't quite make it all the way around the room). It was loud and raucous, and absolutely a typical Harlequin party--amazing all around.

More pics to come soon!


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  1. Oh wow! I went to that Lebanese restaurant with Anne McAllister when RWA was in Washington last time. Great night.

    Lovely to see Holly. I so love the PJ party.

    Maybe next year...


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