Monday, January 04, 2010

Watch for Flying Objects

Last night, my family and I went to the Mad Ants game (they're our local NBA D-League team). It's a pretty cool and fun event. I find, by and large, that the semi-pro teams have more fun at their games. Lots more free stuff, goofy announcers, things like that. I'm not into watching sports, but I really love the Mad Ants. The basketball is good, the games are exciting, and it's always nice to cheer for your hometown team.

We had floor seats, right by the basket. It can be a dangerous place to be. As the Chase Bank sign reminds us all "Watch for Flying Objects". I thought they meant basketballs...not people.

So we're sitting there (watching our team lose, which was a bummer), and a ball comes flying toward us. The player who lost the ball--from the opposing team, the Iowa Energy--goes after the ball--

And he's headed straight for me and my son. This guy, Cartier Martin, is 6'7" tall and weighs 220 pounds. I cover my head and duck, sure I'm going to become a human pancake. My eyes are closed (wimpy person that I am), and I'm waiting for the inevitable collision.

Instead, he LEAPS over my head, so fast and easy he didn't hit so much as a hair on my head, and LANDS on his feet on the walkway behind me. Without missing a step, he circles the floor seats and heads back onto the court.

I think anyone who saw that was stunned that he managed to leap OVER me. I'm not a short woman-- 5'6" tall--and undoubtedly that was a heck of a leap for him to make.

Later, at the post-game party at Applebee's, I went up to one of the players for the Iowa Energy and told him to "thank #34 for not killing me." :-)

I do think, though, that the next time we sit in the floor seats, I'm wearing protective gear, LOL.


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