Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Talk about Dialogue and FREE online read!

For the next few weeks, Harlequin is posting my FREE online read about the McKennas, featuring Finn, Riley and Brody's cousin Alec (you see snippets of him in the McKenna books--the first book is out now (ONE DAY TO FIND A HUSBAND) and book two comes out in a week (HOW THE PLAYBOY GOT SERIOUS). Stop on over at eHarlequin to read a new chapter every Tuesday!

Also, as part of the "Book in 3 Months" program on eHarlequin, I'll be talking Dialogue with editor Keyren Gerlach from Harlequin Romantic Suspense. Stop on by and learn our top tips for writing powerful dialogue!

I'm trying out a new chili mix tonight for dinner, something DH brought home from a recent road trip. Will have to let you all know how it turns out! I'm also sneaking in some healthiness by using ground turkey instead of ground beef ;-)


  1. Shirley, I sighted How the Playboy Got Serious in Muncie Meijer's yesterday. :)

    I used to be very athletic and even coached. Lately, since my back injury, I've been reluctant to start anything. Maybe you'll inspire me enough to get at it again.

    I ran track in HS and did conditioning (I was a P.E. minor) in college and never could get used to running. LOL. My niece was a marathon runner, even running Boston several times and being the top finisher from Indiana.

    Ugh. (LOL)

  2. Cool about seeing Playboy in the store!

    It took me months to get used to running. I still hate it when I'm doing it, but I love it afterwards and always look forward to getting out there!

    That's cool about your niece. I can't imagine running a full marathon!



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