Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Running and Writing

Those who are friends with me or follow me on Facebook know I've started running this past fall, both to get in shape and lose those last few pounds, and to take advantage of the gorgeous weather outside. I have NEVER been anything remotely close to an athletic person (in high school, the only "sport" I did was intramural swimming, where we basically went to the Y and hung out by the pool). My husband is an athletic guy, though, and he's encouraged me to find a sport I like.

I wouldn't say I like running, but I sure like having run. When I'm done, I'm always glad I got those miles in. One thing that helps me run is great music, and a friend of mine who is a DJ and wedding planner puts great free mixes up on his Facebook page from time to time. The one I had on my iPod today started with Pitbull's "Back in Time," and had me motivated from the first note.

What does all this have to do with writing? Well, I find that working out regularly  has a two-fold effect--it keeps the dreaded "writer spread" from making my butt the size of Toledo, and it sharpens my senses. When I treat my body well (eat right, exercise), my thoughts are clearer, I have more energy and I accomplish a lot more during the day. So it's a good thing, all around. Now, will I ever be a marathoner or triathalon competitor? I doubt it. I'm pretty happy with my 5k ability (and have done two 5k races so far) and might inch up to the 10k, but that's about it. I run for the benefits it gives me, not to become the next Olympic sprinter  (and at my age, it'd have to be the Senior Olympics, LOL).

Do you run? Any tips for this non-athlete to increase speed/distance? Or do you have another exercise you like to do, like Zumba? Pilates? I do lots of other things in the colder weather, from spinning classes to Piloxing (a combo of kickboxing and Pilates) and that helps tone up all those other parts :-)

As for the chili mix, it was okay but nothing I wanted to write home about. I much prefer my own chili recipe to the one DH brought home :-)



  1. Good morning Shirley, does walking my 125 pound dog count for excercise? :) She is a Leonberger and definately fun to walk. She is still a puppy so I do have to watch when she starts prancing... I know I had better hold on tight...there must be a rabbit or chipmunk crossing our path! I have a Pilates book...sittig around here...someplace. Maybe you just inspired me to use it this winter!

  2. Wow, that's a big dog! I definitely think that's exercise! I LOVE Pilates. What they did for my abs was INCREDIBLE. :-)



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