Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Fashion Sense...or Not ;-)

I've been pretty good, considering all the temptations around me. Ordered Domino's Pizza last night and ate the stuff on top only (mostly veggies), no crust and only had one and a half of those brownie bite things (here's the site that allows you to play with the Fudgem's, calorie-free). Really wanted the whole box :-). I've lost ten pounds all together so far, still a long ways from the 50 total I need to take off, but hey, I figure 1/5 of the way is better than no-fifths!

After three days off thanks to my non-cooperative, migraine-y head, I did my r-alk this morning. Went two-tenths of a mile further than the last time because I was mad at myself for the pitiful start I had this morning (taking three days off made for a mostly walking start). Moaned and groaned to the dog the whole time about how much I hate to run.

He didn't care.

We have painters here today, painting six rooms inside my house, actually fixing my mistakes in two of them (don't ask. Let's just say I should stick to my day job). I've secluded myself in my office, already took some headache medicine and have windows open as well as a fan on, praying for a no-headache day and so far I'm not winning the battle. The fumes aren't too bad at all, but the weather here is kind of iffy, so I've already got a couple strikes against me.

I promised the story about being on GMA Radio. I have XM Satellite Radio (totally love it -- couldn't live without it and my apologies to local radio, but I rarely listen anymore, not with so many choices on XM). So, the GMA Radio show does this thing on fashion week and what's coming up this fall. Dresses are going to be big this fall, and pantyhose are making a comeback.

Ugh. That just goes to show you men really are in charge of the world.

I hate pantyhose, as does the host of GMA Radio, Hilarie Barsky, and nearly every caller she polls. She asks people to call in about the pantyhose issue and whether they wear dresses or not. I, who always have an opinion, of course call in. No, I am not a fan of pantyhose. I am, however, a total What Not to Wear devotee, I tell her. I have learned my lessons from Stacy and Clinton and until those 50 pounds are all the way gone, am going to fill my closet with wrap dresses and empire waist dresses and underthings that tuck and tighten.

And shoes -- don't even get me started on shoes. I love shoes. I can't pass a shoe department without stopping to look. Just thinking about shoes has me salivating. I have promised myself I won't buy a new pair (of heels -- I do indeed need a pair of running shoes which are not the same thing and do not elicit the same excited response) until I lose another ten pounds and the wait is killing me. Maybe I should hang a Macy's ad on the toe of my Nikes.

So, anyway, I had my five seconds of fame on the GMA radio show. I told her I was an author and only got dressed up when I left the house for personal appearances and meetings in New York. She asked me what I wrote, I told her romantic comedies and was too STOOPID to mention my last name. Ah well, I'm sure everyone in the world (or the three people listening at that moment) know that "Shirley in the Midwest" is THE Shirley Jump ;-)

Uh-huh. I am SO delusional.

Ugh. Paint smells. Off to find a gas mask.



  1. 10lbs? that's great! keep it up..
    that's about how much i need to lose.. i just need more motivation.

    as for panty hose. i hate them with a passion. not only are they uncomfortable (one leg always gets twisted around, making you walk funny the rest of the day), but i always snag or tear them as i'm pulling them on.
    i have refused to wear them unless: 1) i have to wear a suit to a special meeting at the office, or 2) i have to wear something formal.
    those 2 instances are rare, so i don't have to worry.

  2. I hear you on the hose! Plus I hate the stuck like a sausage feeling :-)


  3. I look awful in dresses. AWFUL. Love skirts though!

    Panty hose making a comeback? I think I'll pay as much attention to that trend as I did when I didn't run out and buy the stoopid ugg boots. :-) Or the super low rise pants. Or the very early Madonna look that I'm seeing on campus. Leggings under skirts looks cute on my daughters, but grown ups should pass. That's my highly unsophisticated opinion, and I'm sticking to it!

    Congrats on 10 pounds - gotta start somewhere! I was thrilled to see another half pound come off after a few weeks of being stuck. Take what I can get!

  4. Yee-haw on the half pound! I hate that plateau thing. Not fun at all. I usually hate dresses, too, but I'll tell you, the right wrap dress is awesome. A v-neck, all-over but small print, dark color, clingy fabric...looks good. Stacy and Clinton are very smart people :-) I love mine and get many, many compliments on it.

    But skirts are great and very versatile. :-)

    I agree on the leggings thing. I only wear them when I'm sick and just want a big comfy sweatshirt, big thick socks and a day on the sofa :-)


  5. I just read most of the comments and I must give a man's point of view. I've never worn pantyhose (ha), so I can't argue with the problems they cause. I think hose make a women's legs look very sexy. I understand they are uncomfortable and a pain in the neck, but maybe women should consider them as a sexy attire and wear them for going out, or stuff like that. I know when I'm hanging with a group of men, if a women has on hose and high heels, almost always the men will be like, "look at legs on her" (I know we're dogs, lol). Maybe women should throw us dogs a bone once in a while and wear them just to get our blood boiling.

  6. I'll meet you halfway on the high heels ;-) and since I've been running, the legs aren't too bad, so I think I can skip the pantyhose and the torture session, LOL.



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