Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Passed up by My Elders

Nothing is more depressing than being out for your "run" and having an elderly gentleman pass you by, on his morning walk.

Yes, indeed, I was passed by a senior citizen. Not once, but several times. I'm sure he looked at me and wondered why I bothered. :-) In fact, I thought the same thing several times this morning. In my defense, I spent most of yesterday morning moving furniture so the painters could paint my daughter's room (don't get me started on the amount of junk she has managed to accumulate. I think it breeds when I'm sleeping). And I taught my workshop at Barnes and Noble last night to a quite literally standing room only crowd (a very nice surprise and my apologies to those of you who didn't get the handouts!).

Anyway, I mostly walked, barely ran, but at least I got out there this morning. And kudos to the gentleman who was clearly speed-walking, because he was kicking this under-40yo's butt big-time! :-)



  1. A few years (and pounds) ago I signed up for the California AIDS Ride. I rode a bicycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles - 485 miles with actual mountains. I trained for a year and JUST BARELY MADE IT.

    I was routinely passed by elderly people, obese people, people with artificial limbs and people with special flags on their bikes that indicated they had AIDS.

    Nothing like being in the best shape of your life and being passed on a hill by a septuagenarian amputee...

  2. LOL, Toni! I can just see that in a movie, too. You train for weeks and weeks, have Bob Greene himself behind you, telling you you're going to knock them dead, then get left in the dust by some preschooler on a three-wheeler who toots her little horn as she passes by ;-)

    Shirley, who is taking the day off tomorrow for sure :-)


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