Friday, September 22, 2006

What's Cooking in My House

Yesterday, I had a killer migraine. A nine on a scale of one to ten. Barely slept the night before, spent most of the day having a pity party. Finally, in the late afternoon, it abated and I got some work done, then got over to the Korean market and managed to get the ingredients for some Asian dishes I wanted to make.

My daughter wants me to make fried spring rolls for her birthday (we have an extended Asian family -- my parents sponsored nearly 3 dozen people from Laos over the past 20 years and many of them have become true family. I have learned a handful of Laotian and Thai dishes, one of which is fried spring rolls, a huge hit with my daughter's classmates when she did a Thai day in school one year). I wanted to try a couple new recipes, so we went over to the market, where the nice Korean lady took pity on my non-Korean reading American self and helped me find a few ingredients :-)

Anyway, I had two huge hits last night. Emeril's Chicken and Green Bean Stir-Fry -- unless you really like spice, I recommend dialing back the chili sauce and not adding the red pepper flakes.

Then I made the Calorie Commando's Pork Fried Rice, only I made it with Shrimp because I didn't have any pork tenderloin :-) and I added bean sprouts for a little healthy dash (and since I hate egg substitute, I used a real egg, scrambled it in a dish first, then stirred it in). All a hit with the kids and DH. I'm already dying for lunch so I can have leftovers!

One other quick and easy recipe I wanted to share -- my favorite breakfast in the world is Eggs Benedict. It's not exactly the best diet food tho ;-). I found a way to make a mock Eggs Benedict that's a bit easier on the waistline:

Shirley's Mock Eggs Benedict

2 slices extra lean smoked ham
2 eggs
1 ounce shredded cheddar cheese

Fry ham in non-stick skillet on both sides. Put on plate. Fry eggs over medium, then top with cheese. Lay on top of ham. The runny-ish yolk and cheese combined make a sauce that tastes close enough to Benedict to be good for breakfast. No bread, no extra carbs and calories there :-) It takes less than five minutes to make, too!

I did BOTH a power walk and my run today. My nieghbor came by to see if I wanted to power walk at 5 a.m., so I did that, and was very tempted to go back to bed, but when I got back to the house, the dogs were all anxious (I didn't take them on the walk because they don't get along with the neighbor's dog) so I did the run with the young one and the took the arthritic one on her short walk. All totaled today I did 3.2 miles.

Not bad. But I'm sure glad it's Friday! :-)



  1. I'll try this comment a second time as it seems to have eaten my first! Do you have a recipe for these fried spring rolls? Sounds tasty to me!

    I'm gonna have to check out the sites you used for those recipes - gotta see what they have in the way of my personal favorite, Empress Chicken. YUM!! :-)

  2. The fried spring rolls are a little more complex, so if I get time, I'll post it over the weekend. They're real true Thai ones, too, complete with ingredients that you might not normally have :-)


  3. The mock Eggs Benedict sounds delish! I will have to try that soon. By the way...I just love your books...all of them that I have read are just wonderful!! I love that you share recipes on your blog...I love to cook (former home ec teacher) and have even taken some pastry courses so I look forward to all the recipes.

  4. make me tired just reading about it. How are you, Shirley? Long time. I have 3 dogs and each one gets the same walk, around the chicken houses, past the fence with the neighbor's grapevine (scarfed a few all summer) and through the neighbor's back yard (don't worry, his fence prevented him from seeing me take 3 poopy dogs through his yard) and then back through my yard. That's my own speed walk for the day. I love your recipes...hope you'll post more. ;o)


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