Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sick Cat :-(

My oldest cat is not doing well, and my kids are devastated. She's going to be 17 in May, so she's pretty old. DH and I took the cat to the vet this morning, sure we were going to have to put her down, but the vet said to give her one more shot, with some IV fluids, then take some blood tests after that and see what's got her so sick (apparently when a cat is dehydrated, that messes with the blood tests, so he'll rehydrate her first, then draw some blood).

This cat, Tina, is hands-down the best cat I've ever had. Except for the last year, when she turned into this paper-eating fiend, she has been a very, very good cat. Very loving, very well behaved, always kept all our other cats in line and taught them proper litter box etiquette. If we lose her, it'll be a big blow to our family.

So, I'm off line most of today and down stairs, keeping an eye on her.



  1. Oh, Shirley, how heart kitties are my loves. I pray she gets well...keep us posted.

  2. So sorry to hear about your pet; it makes my throat tighten up when pets are sick. Give kittie some hugs from me.


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